Special “For Political Junkies Only” E-dition


Gotta love this story – It has everything – religious hypocrisy, weird sex, political shenanigans, blackmail, Republican family values, current politics, Trump’s lawyer and of course, Trump himself. For our political junkie like Cincy Dave, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Falwell’s pool boy was interviewed on TV and said that the Falwells preyed on him.    Mrs. Falwell was drunk at the hotel pool and started flirting with him when he was 21 years old.   She hung around the pool until late and then invited him to her room.    She looked good and he was unattached and so said “sure”.    On the way to the room she brought up the fact that her husband liked to watch.   He thought it was weird but by then he was already committed.   When they got to the room, Jerry was already there, drunk and giggling.    The pool boy was reluctant but Jerry told him to “go for it.”    Thus began an affair with both that lasted years and they met in several different cities over the years.  Jerry was always a spectator.   The pool boy traveled with them on their private jet and they even put up several million dollars for him to invest in a youth hostel that is billed as a gay haven.  However, such generosity is consistent with right-wing religious family values.

Falwell claims this is all a lie and it’s all because it is an election year.   .   He doesn’t explain why he had to resign from Liberty University.   He also claims that the pool boy preyed on him, instead of vice-versa.   The pool boy answers that by saying, I was only a 21 year-old pool attendant and Falwell had the president on speed-dial.   So which is more likely?     Pool boy says that in their many year relationship, Falwell never mentioned anything about religion to him. 


Pool boy says he has no political motive.  The same story was around years ago, but with fewer details.  It was on Rachel Maddow last year and  Samantha Bee made a video about it.   


As before, we are still looking for the answer to the question posed by Falwell’s partial denial from a few days ago, when he said the story about him watching was 90 percent false.   Did he only watch 10% of the time?  

Anyway, don’t worry about Falwell’s future.  With his 10.5 million dollar golden parachute from Liberty University, he should be OK.    If he runs though that by buying too many pool boys hostels, he could easily get a new job producing kinky porn videos.   He likely already has experience with this.   After all, if he took photos, he probably made videos too.    Coming soon on Porn Hub:  “Husband Shares Hot Wife with Pool Guy”    Wait for it.