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TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016
Today’s Good News And Bad News
From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image004Bad News for Hillary
Never giving up, the House Republicans have another “emergency” hearing today to grill Attorney General Loretta Lynch about her non-decision to not indict Hillary about having her own email server. The only purpose of the hearing is to keep the issue alive for another day, and to remind everyone that Hillary lied about her use of the server by trying to minimize how terribly dangerous it was to national security. Like most people, we are shocked that a politician would shade truth about anything.

We will see if anything comes out of today’s hearing, but don’t expect any big revelations from this deceased equine flagellation.

image003More Bad News for Hillary
A poll has shown that a majority of voters disagreed with the F.B.I.’s decision not to indict Hillary. This would seem to be devastating to any campaign but, on the other hand, polls also show that a majority of voters would vote for her against Donald Trump. So how can these both be true? One way is that voters may believe that even if Hillary is dishonest, she is still less dishonest than the Trumpster, who still faces lawsuits regarding the Trump University Scam and has a long history of stiffing investors, contractors, clients and employees.

Good News for Hillary
image005Today is the first day that Hillary and Bernie will campaign together. For his support, Hillary had to give Bernie almost everything he wanted in the Democratic Party platform, short of declaring the U.S. to be a Soviet-style Republic. But of course, no one ever reads the platform anyway and it is completely ignored the very second the election is over. Bernie’s support is worth gold though because he has almost as many fans as Hillary does.

More Good News for Hillary
Yesterday, the stock market reached a new all-time high. This makes it harder for Hillary’s opponents to make the case that the economy is going down the tubes under the Obama Administration. The Big Dog’s famous motto was, “It’s the economy, stupid” and that may well be the case if this little boomlet holds until November. It’s been a very long time now since Fox News, and especially Hannity, used the expression “The Obama Stock Market”. We still wonder why that is.

image044Even More Good News for Hillary
House Speaker Paul Ryan’s effort to deny National Security briefings to Hillary was rebuffed by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who advised Ryan that, “Briefings for the candidates will be provided on an even-handed non-partisan basis.” Ryan’s effort was never about national security anyway, but just another way to keep the email controversy front and center.

Bad News for Trump
A new Reuters poll shows that voter enthusiasm for Trump is 6 points lower than it was for Mitt Romney at this same point in 2012. The same poll shows that enthusiasm for Hillary is about the same as it was for Obama in 2012.

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump vets Veeps, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Donald J. Trump, Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee 2016, Presidential Campaign 2016, Plante 20160708

More Bad News for Trump
Clinton oppo-researchers have struck gold in obtaining the tapes of a series of radio commentaries by Trump which aired about 10 years ago. Among the gems in this treasure trove are various comments about women and a quote from the Trumpster that “Hillary would make a good president” Expect to be hearing a lot of these on your TV between Labor Day and Election day.

Good News for Trump
Following the murder of 5 policemen in Dallas, Trump is claiming to be the “Law and Order Candidate”. He has to be careful with that though because the last ticket that used that motto was Nixon/Agnew in 1968. Hopefully for Trump, most people won’t remember.

More Good News And Bad News Tomorrowimage006

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