“Anderson Apocalypse Update” E-dition (More Breaking News)


Are our Local Leftist Lunatics starved for attention or do they just want to see themselves on the TV news?

The Changers are trying to kill our Beloved Anderson Redskin Mascot one more time. This issue was supposed to have been “closed” two years ago.

Surely, this will be the most important item on the June 29 Forest Hills School Board’s agenda, while schools are still closed for the Pandemic and nobody knows if and when our children will be getting the education you’re still overpaying for.

Even before the lockdown, Forest Hills Schools were showing deficits for next five years.  

They spent their new money and then some.  They’ll be coming for more before you know it while over-taxed payers should be asking for a refund. Even if you’re out of a job, your Property Taxes will be due July 17. You can sign the petition to keep the Redskins name HERE.

First things first. We the Over-Taxed Payers deserve to know how badly our Forest Hills School District has been screwed up and how the School Board plans to fix it.