CINCY DAVE “Only 190 More Days Till The Election”

SATURDAY, MAY 02, 2020


Today’s Good News And The Bad News

“Just My Opinions” By Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call Cincy Dave

THE BAD NEWS IS THAT BRAD PARSCALE COULD BE IN A HEAP OF TROUBLE.  The problem is that he told the truth, and the truth just doesn’t fly in the current administration.  Therefore, the boss is really hacked off at him. Mr. Parscale had the temerity to tell him that polls for November are looking bad, so expect Mr. Parscale to be sent packing, because if it’s news you don’t want to hear, then the best thing to do is to kill the messenger.   (I’m going to keep that in mind, the next time some uppity doctor tells me that I have cancer)

NOW, THE NEWS IS BAD ALL AROUND, but the worst is that the latest poll from Texas has Uncle Joe leading by a point.    Yes, Texas!   The same Texas that hasn’t voted Democratic since almost forever.   Well, maybe once since the Dixiecrats took over the Republican party.    And that was way back in ’76 following the Watergate scandal, and when a Southerner was running, and when most Texans weren’t even born yet.

BETTING ODDS ON PARSCALE being canned in the next month should be close to even and before November, probably 10 to 1. If I were Parscale, I wouldn’t be signing any long-term leases on high-rent property in D.C.  If he wants to keep his job just a little bit longer though, he’s gotta learn the art of telling his boss exactly what he wants to hear. Stuff like, “Boss, you’re waaaaay ahead in Texas.     Also in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and well, just about everywhere, except maybe that island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Yeah, that place where the Kenyan said he was born.

NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS.  The election is still over 6 months away, and a lot can happen before then.  Scientists (I know that’s a bad word) could develop a miracle cure or a vaccine to kill off the Corona pandemic just in time.  The economy could completely recover and all the bankrupt businesses and jobs lost could just miraculously reappear.  Alternatively, the Russians could obtain the passwords to many state boards of elections’ data bases and do their job, with the administration’s blessing. “Russia, if you’re listening…”

PARSCALE, YOU HAD BETTER GET TO WORK ON THAT LAST ONE.   It looks like your best shot.