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Did you ever wonder where Kneepad Liberals at Your Local TV Stations get their Liberal Bias National News Stories?image004

They’re most likely reading their “Official D-RAT Talking Points Memo” with slanted stories like these from the PoliticusUSA Newsletter:

5 REASONS TO BE GLAD THAT YOU DIDN’T WATCH THE ABC REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: (1). Ben Carson Busts Ted Cruz For Trying To Blame CNN For His False Dropout Claim Ted Cruz was asked about his dirty tactic in Iowa of spreading the false report that Ben Carson was dropping out. Cruz tried to throw CNN under the bus by claiming that his campaign forwarded an inaccurate report on […])

CHRIS CHRISTIE HELPS DEMOCRATS WIN BY GUTTING MARCO RUBIO AT ABC REPUBLICAN DEBATE (Chris Christie obliterated the Republican establishment’s best chance of stopping Donald Trump and Ted Cruz during an ugly exchange at the ABC Republican presidential debate that had to leave DemocRATS smiling.)

FAR FROM UNREALISTIC, SANDERS HAS THE EXPERIENCE TO WORK TOWARD HIS VISION (It has been claimed Sanders is unelectable and unrealistic, but his years as senator suggest his ability to hold onto his ideals while he works the daily grind of the political process)

PAUL KRUGMAN STRIKES BACK AT LIBERALS WHO ATTACK ‘OBAMACARE’ (Krugman points out that with GOP control the House, it may take many years before Republicans agree to provide more funding for a healthcare system)

OBAMA TO PROPOSE $2.5 BILLION TAX CREDIT FOR COMMUNITY COLLEGE INVESTMENT (President Barack Obama will propose a $2.5 billion tax credit over five years for businesses that invest in programs at local community colleges and hire their graduates)

FLINT’S UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS DENIED CLEAN WATER AND LEAD TESTING (Undocumented immigrants have been turned away without emergency water and lead testing kits because they couldn’t produce driver’s licenses.)

REPUBLICAN PLANNED PARENTHOOD CONSPIRACY FALLS APART AS JUDGE BARS RELEASE OF EDITED VIDEOS (The Republican conspiracy to defund Planned Parenthood was dealt another defeat when a federal judge issued an injunction that barred anti-choice activists from releasing more edited videos.)

SATANISTS SECURE A SECULAR VICTORY AND STOP PRAYERS AT GOVERNMENT MEETINGS (When a member of a Satanic temple signed up to deliver the opening prayer on February 17 to provide the Phoenix city council, members banned all invocations and provided a moment of silence instead)

PHIL ROBERTSON AT CRUZ RALLY: RID THE EARTH OF TOLERANCE (From the grave, an epic smackdown of Phil Robertson and Ted Cruz by James Madison, who reveals exactly what America can expect from a Cruz presidency, that establishment of religion brings only superstition, bigotry and persecution)

NEW HAMPSHIRE VOTERS ARE ASKING JOHN KASICH ABOUT OHIO’S POISONED WATER (New Hampshire voters are asking the Ohio Governor about Sebring, where lead was found in the drinking water and residents weren’t notified for five months.)

IN FINAL SUPER BOWL INTERVIEW THE OBAMAS ARE CHARMING, RELATABLE AND EVERYTHING THE GOP ISN’T (In their final Super Bowl interview, President and First Lady Obama charmed America with relatable stories about watching the Super Bowl at the White House and showed a deep and true love for each other as a couple.)

HILLARY CLINTON RIPS THE SOUL OUT OF REPUBLICANS BY CRUSHING MARCO RUBIO (With one word, Hillary Clinton crushed Marco Rubio and the hopes of the Republican Party in 2016.)

FOX NEWS ON SUICIDE WATCH AFTER MARCO RUBIO IMPLODES AT DEBATE (Fox News is on the verge of suicide after Marco Rubio completely self-destructed at the latest Republican presidential debate. The depression and gloom over the Fox News anchors could not be contained.)

EYES OF THE WORLD ON FLINT AS CNN TO HOST CLINTON/SANDERS DEBATE ON MARCH 6 (The political spotlight is heading to Flint, Michigan as CNN will host a debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on March 6. Video: CNN announced that they will be hosting and internationally televising the debate from Flint: The internationally televised event on March 6 will take place two days before the Michigan and Mississippi […])

REPUBLICANS OFFER US A FOREIGN POLICY OF CAMPAIGN SLOGANS AND SOUND BITES (Trump says he has best temperament for the job, Graham say his worldview is gibberish, and Cruz claims Trump would nuke Denmark)

And Progressive Publications Also Get To Choose Their Liberal Editorial Cartoons Here

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Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016


And Those Liberal Lies Will Just Keep On Coming

For At Least The Next 347* Days Until Inauguration Day in 2017 When The Nation Can At Long Last Begin To Undo All The Damage Obama Has Done.

*1,366 if your live in Anderson Townshipimage003image010