Special “More Late Breaking News” E-dition

Trump’s 1101st Day In Office



We’re trying to figure out Trump’s Rally Plan

 Next Tuesday, The Trumpster will be in Wildwood, New Jersey, campaigning for Congressman Jeff Drew, the D-RAT who switched parties over impeachment.  It’s now pretty clear that if you become a Republican you’ll be rewarded with a MAGA Rally.

 Then The Trumpster will be in Des Moines, Iowa on January 30, a few days before the Iowa Caucuses.

And would you believe, the Trumpster’s rally will be in Manchester, New Hampshire, on the eve of the News Hampshire Primary. So maybe The Trumpster’s using the old Rally just before a Primary routine.   

Let’s see, later next month we have the Nevada Caucuses on February 22, and the South Carolina Primary on Leap Year Day. So if The Trumpster schedules a big MAGA Rally just before either of those, we just might have his rally plan figured out.

 Last week that Committee Of Concerned Clermont County Cronies continued to take Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane up on his generous offer to let them explore the Whistleblower Archives to see if they could confirm the real reason disgraced ex-Congresswoman “Mean Jean” Schmidt failed to get the endorsement from the Ohio GOP, as well as the Clermont County Republicans for the Primary Elections in only 51 more days.

This week, the Cronies were trying to find out if the Clermont County Republican Party really forgot to send “Mean Jean” an invitation to the annual Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner on February 21st with Keynote speaker Lt. Governor Jon Husted. Maybe it was just an oversight.

Meanwhile, State GOP Chairwoman Jane Timken is urging “Mean Jean’s” opponent Joe Dills to withdraw from the March 17 primary because he had signed up on an online dating site that encourages extramarital affairs in 2013 before he was married. We wonder what the Lady Party Boss would say if Dills were also a subscriber to The Blower?

In Northern Kentucky, Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo say Cov Cath student Nick Sandmann has been invited to join the Northern Kentucky Young Multi-Millionaires Club after FAKE NEWS CNN settle his pesky little defamation lawsuit.

Finally, when our Good Friend Bobby Leach sent us this video showing Donald Trump walking out on a 1990 CNN Interview for being FAKE NEWS, he wondered if The Young Trumpster had actually seen the latest edition of The Blower. That’s how long The Blower’s been in business.