Special “More Late Breaking News” E-dition

Trump’s 1,098th Day In Office

By now, just about everybody’s heard about how the Trump-hating Washington Post beat out The Fishwrap three years ago by calling for Trump’s Impeachment a mere 19 minutes after he was sworn in. It’s like all this Russia and Ukraine clown show crap was the worst kept secret in DC. It’s like they had a crystal ball and knew exactly what the Deep State, Dishonest D-RATS, all those FAKE NEWS Trump-Haters in the Media, and Never Trump Republicans were going to do for Trump’s first 1,097 days of The Trumpster’s first term.

Whistleblower Senior National Political Affairs Analyst Britt Humus attended the inauguration, where the OBAMA regime SET UP SECURITY BLOCKADES for a MILE from the presidential podium on the Capitol steps. Each and every block was CORDONED OFF so it took over an hour to get on to the plaza by which time the swearing-in was over, because TRUMP SUPPORTERS had to run A GAUNTLET of TRUMP-HATING, SOROS FUNDED, HATE-FUELED LIBTARDS & DISINGENUOUS D-RATS! 

Humus recalled the first Clinton inauguration. There were NO CLINTON HATERS harassing Clinton Supporters back then, even though Clinton had deposed then-incumbent President Bush 41 for his first term of blow jobs in the Oval Office.

Was that really Charles Tassell being interviewed by Neal Cavuto Monday? The Blower’s long-time Whistleblower Person of Consequence was telling everybody coast-to-coast how Cincinnati was letting renters skip cash security deposits. How appropriate on MLK, Jr. Day.  

This week that Committee Of Concerned Clermont County Cronies took Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane up on his generous offer to let them explore the Whistleblower Archives to see if they could confirm the real reason disgraced ex-Congresswoman “Mean Jean Schmidt” failed to get the endorsement from the Ohio GOP, as well as the Clermont County Republicans for the Primary Elections in only 55 more days. It seems It seems the Ohio Republican Party chose to endorse Joe Dills instead for the 65th District, wherever the hell that is.

How many dumbed-down property owners in the Forest Hills Schools District are really thinking about moving these days, just because their jacked-up schools taxes are due next Friday? Wait till they hear the district is still showing deficits for the next five years. They spent the new money and then some, and they’ll be coming for more before you know it.

Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo remembers last January when The Blower was wondering if Nutty Nancy’s New House Budget Committee Chairman, KY D-RAT Congressman John Yarmuth, had really called for a ban on teenagers wearing “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hats even after all that FAKE NEWS had been debunked about that vile viral video that had supposedly showed a confrontation between Covington Catholic students and Native American counter-demonstrators at the March for Life in Washington DC.

Finally, Tonight’s Whistleblower Video “Three Years Of Accomplishment” is so good, they should use it for a campaign ad.