Special “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition

On Trump’s 1,092nd Day In Office


“Conservative Challenges”

image004This week, everybody who says Liberal Media reports of our Disingenuous D-RATS’ Insane Impeachment Scam is only a distraction from all those important issues facing our nation, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

The winner is Card-carrying Conservative Gary Boldwater, who wonders if supporting The Trumpster’s Border Wall government shutdown would help all those RINOs to keep their jobs in 2016. Gary wins a commemorative “Red” map of Ohio before Hamilton County turned “blue,” a Save Us, Alex” bumper sticker, and a promise of a $50,000-per year job at 700 Walnut Street for his very own soon-to-be divorced spouse. His winning entry is:

So what should Conservatives do now?
Will the Dems win the next row?
‘Cause any guy knows
With all of those RINOs
They would win if they only knew how

Perturbed In Park Hills says:
So what should Conservatives do now?
Should we tell the Trump agenda “Ciao”?
The Bolshevik thugs are back in power,
Demanding that Americans cower.
Time to put our shoulders to the plough!

The D-RATS and their brown-shirted chums
Are a motley assortment of bums:

Ocasio-Cortez: a climate change fool;
Nancy Pelosi is full of senile drool.
Churck Schumer speaks with highly forked tongue:
His mouth is a reservoir of dung.
Omar married her own brother,
(Or perhaps she is really his mother).
Weston raised high the transgender flag,
Normal people? Doesn’t give a dag!
Menendez hired teen-aged hookers:
Were there also several onlookers?
Sinema swings both ways down in A-Z,
No Bible for her, just making whoopee.
Ellison beat up his girlfriend
(Not much new in that Muslim trend).
Rashida Tlaib sports a big f-bomb;
Is she the preferred face of Islam?

These jack-booted goons will soon be quite shaken,
By the sleeping giant they’ve dared to awaken.

And from the Anderson Laureate we have another poignant political prognostication:
So what should conservatives do now?
What will the current climate allow?
If I could for a fact
I’d impeach Mr. Barack
And see what happens to the Dow.

Obama picked people like Hagel
Who really knew how to inveigle?
Chuck loved Iran
And they think he’s a good man
But he’s not crazy about people who like a bagel.

There were times in the past when we could
Do things that would make our country “good.”
But we’re loaded with lazies,
Left wingers and crazies
And don’t forget the ones in the ‘hood.

If we could I would say we should unite
And give the socialists a good fight
But they have all the power
And get more by the hour
Our country’s in a terrible plight.

So maybe we should all try to pray
That things will get better some day.
Hitler, Stalin, and Mao
Are all history now
Maybe Obama will go the same way.  

Finally, Perturbed In Park Hills says:
So what should Conservatives do now?
Let’s pray for new highs for the Dow.

It’s all about the economy –
Not rocket science astronomy!

Trump knows we need American jobs,
Not these social justice Twitter mobs.

He’s clearing choking regulation
To restore a healthy foundation.

Every D-RAT POTUS wanna-be,
All real Americans will agree,

Will crash and burn, ’cause they don’t get it:
“You must all suck the socialist tit!”

They’d rather impeach the MF-er,
And prevent you from eating heifer.

Take your guns and abort your babies –
These leftists are just dogs with rabies.

Away with social engineering!
Let’s elect people who are God-fearing!

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“Why older women like younger guys”