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Special “Resolutions Update” E-dition

Trump’s 1,081st Day In Office

JAN 2 Resolutions Update

Our New Year’s Resolution Is To Be Less Sarcastic


Last week, The Blower published New Year Year’s Resolutions for some of our local celebrities. They were the real local celebrity New Year’s Resolutions, because any other local celebrity New Year’s resolutions you might have seen published elsewhere were surely fake. Now we know 2020 has hardly begun, but let’s take a look to see how some our resolvers are doing anyway, just for fun.

HURLEY THE HISTORIAN says on today’s date in 1995 the 104th Congress became the first held image006entirely under Republican control since the Eisenhower era. Thanks to Newt Gingrich and his “Contract with America,” the Republican Party won majority control of Congress for the first time in forty years. And with all the RINOs we have running the minority party in the House these days, The Blower says they should’ve had a “Contract With Trump” in 2018.

In a related story, CONGRESSMAN STEVE CHABOTHEAD said last year he’d figured out how the Republicans could’ve held on to the House and image008Senate in 2018, and all those losers didn’t listen to him either.  PODIATRIST/COLONEL BRONZE STAR BRAD WENSTRUP said one of his top priorities moving forward was to continue working with our Senate colleagues to fully repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered, market-driven healthcare reforms.

CINCINNATI BUNGALS OWNER “MILLIONAIRE MIKE” BROWN hoped wondered if it would be a good idea to bring back Starvin’ Marvin next year to coach the Bungals this year.

FECKLESS FISHWRAPPERS are still working hard to get into the FAKE NEWS Big Leagues, along with the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WAPO, and LAT.

HAMILTON COUNTY RINO PARTY BOSS ALEX T., MALL COP GOP is still trying to explain how Crooked Hillary got so many votes in Hamilton County in 2016, our Dishonest D-RATS didn’t even need Voter Fraud.

AWARD-WINNING PHOTO ILLUSTRATOR ARTIS CONCEPTION is still promising to make fun of local politicians, just like when he sent The Blower this picture of Hamilton County Demo Labor Party Boss Tim Burka trying to counsel Ditzy D-RAT Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter not to run for office while she was still waiting to go to jail.


image009CINCINNATI’s DIMINUTIVE DEMOCRAT MAYOR JOHN CRANLEY failed to shake things up on Clown-cil by giving three newly elected Cincinnati City Council members committee chairs while screwing over two veteran D-RATS like CLOWNCILGAY CHRIS SQUEALBACK  and WENDELL YOUNG. Not only that, Cranley had replaced D-RAT VICE MAYOR DAVID MANN with conservative-leaning independent CHRIS SMITHERMOUTH. Meanwhile, Mann has already agreed to return as Grand Marshal of the Backstabbers Day Parade on March 15, where he’ll again be leading the rest of the Stupid Streetcar Six along the route of the Trolley Folly.

YOUR DISINGENUOUS DOUBLE-DIPPING image011D-RAT AUDITOR said Hamilton County residents can file their “formal complaints” objecting to the “Fair Property Values” whenever he makes them up on their Triennial Updates.

COAST’S LITIGIOUS LAWYER CHRIS FINNEY is still resolved  to have to a 2020 Christmas Party where any political wannabee can get in for free, but would still had to pay for his own food and drinks.

 “TAXKILLER TOM” BRINKMAN promises to image010continue to display a link to The Blower at the lower left corner on his web page, as he has done for lo, these many years.

REPUBLICANS FOR HIGHER TAXES: are sure there’ll be plenty of good tax increases to support in 2020.

IGNORANT AND APATHETIC HAMILTON COUNTY VOTERS: Probably still won’t be paying attention.


image013ANDERSON TEA PARTY TRUSTEE ANDY PAPPAS says he’ll try hard to get us a Hardee’s restaurant, so we can see all those sexy commercials on Anderson Community Cable TV. 


Meanwhile, REDSKINS SUPPORTERS will miss the latest flim-flamery from the THREE AMIGOS on the FORREST GUMP SCHOOLS BOARD (HEIS, FROOMAN, AND SMITH).


IN CLERMONT COUNTY, “MEAN JEAN” SCHMIDT promises to confirm The Blower’s top three reasons she failed to get the endorsement of her home county Republicans.


  TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: Were hoping once again to become “relevant” in 2018, after they’d been totally absorbed by the Republican Party in 2014.


image015BLUEGRASS BUREAU CHIEF KEN CAMBOO knows he needs to work harder to find a few more good NoKY snitches.


   U.S. SENATOR RAND PAUL promises to try to find out why his neighbor is “unhappy” after being charged with assault just for breaking six of the senator’s ribs.


     WHISTLEBLOWER GOSSIP COLUMNIST LINDA LIBEL says she will soon reveal the name of her next “Political Philanderer.”


  KENTUCKY CONGRESSMAN THOMAS MASSIE is resolved to let everybody know he’d never ever caved in to Obama the way Chabothead and Wenstrup did.


image017THAT CABAL OF NOKY ATTORNEYS OUT TO DESTROY ERIC “CALL ME CRAZY” DETERS is resolved to figure out how a “Non-Attorney Spokesman” could practice law.


  MICHAEL LIQUID PLUMMER AND NATHAN “CORNBREAD” SMITH failed to learn how to pronounce “inebriated” at the Whistleblower’s New Year’s Eve Party.


    HORNY IN HEBRON said we should check out the Facebooks for some of those Wilder Women.


  MISS VICKI: says she hasn’t forgotten to call Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about getting together “after the holidays.”


    OUR GOOD FRIEND BOBBY LEACH says “So much for my New Year’s Resolutions. But you can’t break ‘em, if you don’t make ‘em.”


    QUOTE FOR THE DAY COMMITTEE chose Dave Beard’s “Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”


   WHISTLEBLOWER SNITCHES say we’re resolved if we hear something bad about somebody, we’ll e-mail it to The Blower immediately, even if we’re at work!


    BELOVED WHISTLEBLOWER PUBLISHER CHARLES FOSTER KANE said there was little chance he’ll ever forget the “Whistleblower Motto.”


FINALLY, WHISTLEBLOWER INTERNS have so far been successfully keeping KANE’S Surprise Birthday Party on tomorrow. Good luck with that. 



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