Special “D-RAT Migration Invasion Update” E-dition


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Today’s E-dition Has Been Approved For Research On The 2016 Election By The Presidential Historical Society Because So Many Things Reported In The 2016 Blower Are Still Making News Today.image009

Trump’s 1,012th Day In Office

And We’re Documenting 2016’s Greatest Presidential Campaign In History With Only Seven More Days Till Election Day, Remembering Our “D-RAT MIGRATION INVASION UPDATE” E-dition


And Give Those Protesters a “Whiff From Hell”

At this morning’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about our Commander In Chief’s plans to send as many as 5,000 active-duty troops to the U.S.-Mexican border to stop that Malignant Mob of Future DemocRAT Voters marching thru Mexico to invade our Southern Border. The Trumpster calls it an INVASION. What part of “Our Military is waiting for you!” do they not understand? 

Whistleblower War Hero Ollie Hackworth says the Trumpster should make sure “Mad Dog” Mattis includes “The Skunk,” that ingenious Israeli crowd control method we reported last year called “Skunk Water.”

What is Skunk Water?

And for those who want less violent means used in handling protests, this seems to be the perfect fit, because it’s guaranteed to clear an area without the risk of casualties. It’s a riot control weapon that really works. It’s non-toxic, non-lethal, but very effective. No wonder the Palestinians want it banned. They say it makes them feel degraded. The Blower can imagine how long the aroma might last on an unwashed American demonstrator, although with most of those demonstrators, how would you know the difference?image007

Maybe we should watch another demonstration from Germany

Maybe that’s why three months after Ferguson erupted in protest over the police killing of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) added the Israeli weapon to its protest-crushing arsenal.

But what the heck, many police officers tell The Blower some of those protesters already smell pretty bad anyway!image007image008