Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition

Trump’s 1,012th Day In Office


With Only Seven More Days Until The 2019 Elections, Facebook’s “Restore Fiscal Responsibility in Forest Hills” is reporting “another” lawsuit against Forest Hills.  We know plaintiffs are always looking for deep pockets.  

Guess they are counting on voters being dumb enough to approve their big fat hike scam next week.


Wondering how much fat has already been skimmed from public funds in the numerous lawsuits Prebles, Frooman, Smith, and Heis have disguised and hidden from public awareness.  We bet It’s a bunch.  

Full disclosure would be shocking.


Why over-taxed payers have not demanded the resignations of those men is the most incredible development in this whole catastrophe. Leaving office (Frooman, Smith) or not (Heis) they should be removed from office in full view.  

Personal apocalypses they have earned by creating the big one.


Approval of the tax hike scam would be approval of what went down.  No wonder they want it passed.  

It ain’t “for the kids.” 


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