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Halloween Nighties

This week, everybody in Northern Kentucky who likes Halloween because they can all dress up in false faces and women’s clothes, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

image005The winner is our old friend, the Cross-Dressing Attorney (shown at right), who always said clothes make the man, and vice versa. Our Cross-Dresser wins nomination to the Transvestites Hall of Fame in Covington; an old ball gown from Blondie Whalen, along with Blondie’s extra large one-piece bathing suit; and an invitation to Miss Vicki’s Halloween Party, but not necessarily as Miss Vicki’s date. (If you haven’t received your invitation yet, you must not have made the list this year.) Cross-Dresser’s winning limerick is:

What folks will be wearing on Halloween night
Will surely give everyone who sees them a fright
‘Cause a man in a dress
Will give women stress
If his breasts are a mouth-watering delight.

We also have a dishonorable mention from our Deacon on Beacon:
What folks will be wearing on Halloween night
Depends on which side of the aisle you might alight.
Tea Party-ers will wear tea bags, all about town;
Ben D. and Phil McK, a shimmering black gown.
And RINOs? It’s blue that gives them the most frightful delight.

Perturbed in Park Hills says
What folks will be wearing on Halloween Night
Will be demonized no matter what their fright.
The left cries “Cultural Appropriation”!
But their intellectual masturbation
Holds only if you’re guilty of being white.

Rick “The BatBoy” Robinson wrote
What folks will be wearing on Halloween night
Depends if they come from the left or the right.
Dainty DemocRATs dress like “Toy Story’s” Woody;
DeWhiners will stutter while asking for booty,
And Senile Sheriffs dress down all anti-taxers on sight!

William T. Robinson III says
What folks will be wearing Halloween night
Will fill you with terrible fright!
Masks of Obama and Pelosi!
Shades of Bela Lugosi!
Last November, we made it all right!

Andrew Pappas submitted
What folks will be wearing on Halloween night
Will fill you with dread and sheer fright!
It’s masks of Hillary and Obama,
Claiming they be yo’ daddy and momma!
Oh what a horrible sight!!

From Perturbed in Park Hills:
What folks will be wearing on Halloween Night:
Whatever we can to put leftists to flight.

Wanna dress like an illegal alien?
Score an offended Episcopalian.

Think you look cool as Border Patrol or ICE?
The PC goons will attack you in a trice.

If you dress like the Mexican border wall,
Then you’ll face a social media blackball.

If you decide to dress up with a blackface,
CNN’s harpies will be fast on your case.

If your costume makes fun of Caitlyn Jenner,
Whose balls were cut off to sing counter-tenor,

Antifa will soon be pounding on your door
To prevent you from winning the culture war.

What’s the fastest way to give leftists a stroke?
Wear a MAGA hat, and their anger you’ll stoke.

Tolerance and diversity? Just fake news.
Between freedom and tyranny we must choose.

And from the Anderson Laureate (who says he’s glad his name’s not on the Auditor’s Delinquent Property List Update):
What folks will be wearing on Halloween night:
A Hillary mask? God, such a fright!
Her eye fills me with dread,
Like Night of the Living Dead!
Do you suppose she’s afraid of the light?

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“This year when the Elections are done”


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