Special “School Tax Scam” E-dition


Trump’s 1,003rd Day In Office

And We’re Remembering The Blower’s “School Tax Scam” E-dition That Could Easily Be Updated For Our 2019 “School Tax Scam” E-dition.


Looking For That $100,000 House

  • image008Whenever Tax-and-Spenders at the Forest Gump School Board want to steal more of your money, like with that Humongous $103 million Tax Hike that will really cost dumbed-down voters $170 million, they do two things. First, they flim-flam you by telling how much the tax hike would be on a mythical “$100,000 house,” and then they conveniently forget to remind you that YOUR increase (if you would bother to figure out how much that was) would be on top of what YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING EACH YEAR. And they never tell you to compute the NUMBER OF YEARS.
  • We asked the friendly folks at Ramshackle Realtors how many of those $100,000 houses he could find for us in Anderson. “You’ve got to be kidding!” he said. We couldn’t find any of those $100,000 houses on the Hamilton County Auditor’s Web Site, either. But we did see a house valued at $114,930, where The Tax Increase would only be 199.14 per year for 32.5 years ($6,472.05) on top of what the owner is already paying.
  • image025The Median Value Home in the Forrest Gump School District is around $210,000, where the Tax Increase would only be $363.89 per year for 32.5 years ($11,826.43) on top of what that lucky owner is already paying.
  • But these are just “hypothetical figures.” You need to figure out how much this feel-good tax “for the children” is going to cost you.

Go to the Auditor’s Web Site Here (http://www.hamiltoncountyauditor.org)

Click on the “Property Search” box on the left near the top


Click on “Owner” or “Street Address” to find your property


Click on “Levy Info” and you’ll see how much This Tax Increase will cost you EACH YEAR for the next 32.5 years.

Then go to your Summary Page and Click on “Taxes Paid” to see the amount of School Taxes YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING, SUCKERS!


image028And don’t worry, folks our Double Dipping Disingenuous DemocRAT Auditor says, next year after my re-election, you’ll get a tax increase whether you voted for it or not when my drive by appraisers jack up your real estate taxes one more time.