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Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition

Trump’s 944th Day In Office

Angry Andersonian Corbly Clough says Anxious Andersonians are now witnessing Apocalypse Productions new can’t-miss smash hit “Trust Busters.”

The series is a fictional documentary on the decline and apocalyptic crash of a public school district. The episodes are based on a real life community but must be fictional because this story just can’t be real.

Follow the district leaders and their acolytes as they totally botch a building upgrade, run the finances into a well of red ink and completely destroy the trust of their voters. Stars include Jim Frooman, Randy Smith, and Forest Heis as elected-by-default school board members who lead and enable the debacle. 


Along the way, viewers will be captivated as the district deals clumsily with employees and building contractors.  Bogus social issues provide ridiculous interludes.  Liberal sprinklings of sex, unethical behavior, and twisting of the legal system add captivating stories within the story.  There’s something for everyone!

Viewers will laugh, cry, and throw up.  Often all at the same time.

Producers promise surprises as the district cluelessly promotes a tax levy despite its history of waste, deception and inept management.

Rated PG-13.  Warning:  contains imbecilic decision-making. Slated to stream everywhere except for the Forest Hills School District website.