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Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition

Trump’s 935th Day In Office

Angry Andersonian Corbly Clough says when Thursday night’s Business Advisory Council meeting was cancelled, was this so-called “finance” committee part of the cover-up

Are they running for the exits?  How did it allow Forest Hills to publish a budget with five years of deficits?  (see line 6.010)

The deficit-laden forecast published on the school district website should put Forest Hills on fiscal notice by the state (maybe another cover-up).  The state will be dictating spending.  The cuts will be non-discriminating.  Unless there is a levy passed to erase the projected deficits.

Kind of an embarrassing situation for Forest Hills brought on by the stewardship of Smith, Frooman, and Heis.  But that’s what happens when you bust a $103m tax bond on a half-assed building plan after having sold it to trusting voters as miraculous. Plus spending your permanent improvement budget on it.  Plus operating funds.  Plus borrowing more money and spending it, too.  Plus lawsuits and unfinished work yet to be billed.


Forest Hills would generally be considered a wealthy district.  Fiscal crises are something that happens to poor districts. Or stupidly led ones.

Can’t wait until the levy campaign rolls out the stock phrase “good stewards of your money” as a reason to vote for more taxes.  Will the laughter or boos be louder?

The main levy message may be “Bail us out.”  No.  Make that:  “Bail out your children.”  Use the kids as human hostages.  Another stock levy tactic.

They may also say “The devil made us do it.”  Well, in truth and fact board members Smith, Frooman, and Heis did make them do it (as even Joe Biden would recognize).

Smarter men would head for the exits with the finance committee.  We all know there is more.  The Blower advises them:  “Cover up at your own peril.”