Another “Tuesday’s Tactics” E-dition

Trump’s 928th Day In Office

Following last weekend’s horrific mass shooter attacks in Dayton and El Paso, President Trump called for Unity vs. Racism, saying “Our Nation Must Condemn Racism, Bigotry, And White Supremacy.”

But some people (including every one of the 2020 D-RAT Presidential Candidates who calls Trump a “Racist” every chance they get) didn’t seem to get the word. Maybe that’s why tonight’s Top Ten List is “The Top Ten Ways You Know Some People Might Not Totally Agree With President Trump When He Urges Unity”:

10. CNN’s Jake Tapper had 2020 D-RAT Candidates on his TV show to blame Trump for the shootings and call him a “White Nationalist,” MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace falsely claimed Trump is “Talking About Exterminating Latinos,” and an NBC News Contributor claimed Trump may have ordered flags flown at half-staff to honor Adolf Hitler.

9. Beto O’Rourke asked for donations for Shooting Victims, then directed people to his Campaign Website.

8.Cory Booker demanded all Trump Rallies be canceled, because they’re a “Breeding Ground for Racism.”

7. The Radical Left is planning a Civil War, using the El Paso Shooting as an excuse.

6. Mayor Pete said America can’t have Gun Control because the NRA has made guns a “False God.”

5. The D-RAT Dayton Mayor is organizing protests when Trump pays his respects to shooting victims tomorrow.

4. CNN is holding another Anti-Gun Propaganda Rally Wednesday Night.

3. Leftist Media and D-RAT Operatives are calling to shut down FOX.

2. Far Leftists protested at injured Mitch McConnell’s home, encouraging people to “Stab The Mother Fucker in the Heart.”

…and the Number One Way You Know Some People Might Not Totally Agree With President Trump When He urges Unity is…

Congress says they’d really like to do something about the problem, just as soon as they all return from their August Recess.



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