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Special “Only 94 More Days Till The Election” E-dition

Trump’s 925th Day In Office

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It Was The Greatest Political Campaign In History

Reviewing Local Political Junkie We Called “Cincy Dave’s” Coverage

At This Point In 2016, There Were Only 94 More Days Until The Day That Will Live In Infamy For Crooked Hillary’s Supporters, Many Of Whom Have Still Not Recovered.



Today’s Good News And Bad News

From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”


image009 image010 Untitled image012 image013GOOD NEWS FOR TRUMP

After a disastrous week, Trump finally did a couple of things right – He endorsed fellow Republicans, Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Kelly Ayotte all of whom he had been feuding with.  Additionally, he did something that he has never done before – he took back a lie he had been repeating – that he saw video of theimage014 planeload of cash that the U.S. had delivered to Iran.   Could it be that he has started to listen to his advisors?    Maybe, but then it might just be his unpredictability at work.   We will see how long this foray into the realm of reasonable political actions lasts, but the smart money says that he will soon do something outrageous again.



Yesterday, after only 260 days, Hillary held a press conference.  It did not go well.  She spent most of the time answering questions about the email controversy and giving poor answers.  Then, given an easy question – “What is the most meaningful conversation you’ve had with an African American friend?”, she gave an answer that sounded like Sarah Palin’s famous answer to what newspapers she read  (Um, all of ’em, any of ’em that, um, have, have been in front of me over all these years.).  Here was Hillary’s answer:

“Oh my gosh. Well, could I tell you that I am blessed to have a crew of great friends…I can’t really pick one conversation out of, you know, 50 years of conversations. I’m going to respect the cone of friendship silence, but please know I’ve got a lot of great friends who have given me so much more.”

Now we see why Hillary does not do news conferences.  Needless to say, it will likely be a long time before she has another one.


Yesterday, Hillary was still lying about the her emails (Clinton’s claim that the FBI director said her email answers were ‘truthful’) and Trump was lying about the U.S. paying Iran to release hostages and that Hillary was behind it, according to the WP’s fact-checker. (Trump’s false claim that Clinton ‘started the talks’ to give $400 million to Iran) 


Politicians are, by definition, liars and, after all, most of them start out as lawyers. Trump is one of many who have become proficient in lying without professional training, although being involved in so many lawsuits, he has been surrounded by lawyers most of his adult life, so he has picked up a lot of lying skills.  Who’s the biggest liar here?  No one is sure in these two cases but WP claims that Trump has had a much higher number and percentage of lies during this election season, although Hillary may have a higher number of career lies, as she has been active in politics far longer.  What’s more important – career lies or single-season lies? Who knows?  We’ll let the statisticians and sports fans argue about it.   


However, in an unusual case of admitting a lie, as noted above, Trump later backed off a claim that he saw video of the planeload of cash landing in Iran.  Also, later yesterday, after the WP put Hillary on its Recidivism Watch (Recidivism Watch: Clinton’s repeated claim that the FBI said her answers were ‘truthful’) she acknowledged “misspeaking” about the F.B.I. Director’s testimony concerning her interviews with them. Could it be that some actual truth is seeping into the election?   Not much chance of that – they were both just squeezed into a corner they couldn’t lie their way out of.



The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City is closing, supposedly due to a labor dispute.   Although Donald Trump lost the hotel/casino many years ago in one of his bankruptcies, it still bears his name and its closing comes as another reminder that Trump’s business acumen is not nearly as good as he claims.   A couple of months ago, Hillary went to Atlantic City and made a speech in front of the Taj, just to make that very point. There is no word if her showing up on their doorstep had anything to do with the decision to shutter the place.

On Donald Trump’s charge that he was a poor governor in New Jersey, Tim Kaine pleads guilty.  “Yesterday he said I was a lousy governor of New Jersey. And he’s right. I wasn’t even ever governor of New Jersey,” Hillary Clinton’s running mate told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday.


The former acting director of the CIA, Michael Morell, endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday, and attacked Trump as unqualified and a threat to national security.  Morell is an independent who worked in the CIA for 33 years, serving both Democratic and Republican presidents. He pointed out that Vladimir Putin is a trained intelligence officer, skilled in finding vulnerabilities in people that he can exploit. Morell said that Putin has done precisely that with Trump, praising him and gaining his confidence, and ultimately getting Trump to say things that are in Russia’s national interest rather than America’s. Morell is especially upset with Trump’s endorsing Putin’s spying on the U.S. and interfering with our elections and not objecting to Russia’s invasion and annexation of the Crimea, which is (or was) part of Ukraine. Morell even went so far as saying that, effectively, Trump is Putin’s unwitting agent.



Asked to name a female he might pick for his cabinet, Trump couldn’t think of any right away.   After a while he came up with one – Daughter Ivanka.  A president naming a family member to the cabinet or another position is not unprecedented.  Ulysses Grant had about 30 relatives working for the government in some capacity and JFK named brother Bobby as Attorney General.   Later however, congress enacted laws to prevent such nepotism, so, while it may be legal for Trump to date his daughter, hiring Ivanka for any cabinet position is not.



Although it’s way early, if Trump can’t win Georgia, he is a dead man walking.   His only hope for victory relies on first sweeping the Confederate States, and Georgia is the biggest prize among them after Texas and Florida.

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