Special “Comparing Naked First Lady Photographs” E-dition

Trump’s 922nd Day In Office

At yesterday’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Whistleblower Naked News Correspondent Oliver Klozhoff remembered during 2016’s Dirtiest Campaign in History when the New York Post ran a hit piece to embarrass The Trumpster by running a nude 1995 photo of Donald Trump’s wife Melania with the headline: “The Ogle Office.”

In today’s “Celebrating 2016” E-dition, (originally published with 97 more days to go before The Day That Will Live In Infamy for Crooked Hillary’s Supporters, many of whom have still not recovered) Our Local Political Junkie We Call “Cincy Dave” reminded everybody about how The Blower had reacted to the New York Post’s nude photos of possible future first lady Melania Trump by publishing this exclusive nude photo from Crooked Hillary’s Rigged D-RAT National Convention.

This grossed everyone out so badly RepubliCANTS and D-RATS alike claimed that it was the worst form of pornography they had ever seen, I guess they’ve been visiting some good porn sites like fulltube then. It could have been a little more tolerable and even somewhat interesting if it had been a nude photo of Hillary’s wanna-be First Gentleman, The Big Dog, because a lot of people always wondered what “distinguishing feature” he had that so many women could identify. Can you say “peyronie’s disease?”

Cincy Dave also showed us Nude Photos of Jacqueline Kennedy when she was first lady. Oliver liked those photos, too.

The Blower staff will no doubt be checking out all that political pornography tomorrow, waiting for The Trumpster to arrive at that really big MAGA Rally at the U.S. Bank  Area in Cincinnati. that is. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE