Special “No Nudes in Northside” E-dition

TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2019
Trump’s 900th Day In Office

Nudists On The North Shore

         image005Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo predicts Nude-Watchers on the South Shore will be thanking The Blower on Sunday for being the only media outlet in the Tri-State to recognize that July 14 is National Nude Day, by featuring a gorgeous gallery of pictures from Friday’s National Nude Day Photo Contest at the Northern Kentucky Nudist Camp in Florence.

image004image007Meanwhile, Whistleblower Faux Facebook Friend Bobby Leach says we should also be publicizing the nudist camps in Greater Cincinnati where he likes to let it all hang out.

image009Bobby says it’s too bad Paradise Gardens closed two years ago. Greater Cincinnati’s Family Nudist Resort was that used to be in Ohio First District Congressman Steve Chabothead’s District, offering a unique way to enjoy your favorite sport” It was Cincinnati’s ONLY nudist resort, and perverts found that playing volleyball nude allows you a freedom that has to be experienced to be understood.

Bobby also says the most popular guy in a Paradise Gardens was the one who can carry two cups of coffee and nine doughnuts at the same time. Midgets who stuck their noses in everybody’s business (as well as guys eight feet tall who stick their business in everybody’s noses) were popular, too.

image004Former Fishwrapper KimBall Perry even wrote a story in 2010 about Paradise Gardens when that Colerain Township nudist colony wanted a trial covered up when Paradise Gardens attorney Kevin Frank filed motion with Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge P-P-P-Patrick DeWhine seeking to “exclude (the) public and media from trial and to seal records” in the case. [THAT PAGE NO LONGER EXISTS WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE LINK] .  


That place is probably overgrown with weeds these days, but this is what you could’ve expected to see during the summer.


image004image011The only Nudist Camp in Podiatrist/ Congressman “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup’s Ohio Second District is the Cedar Trails Nudist Resort in Peebles, Ohio, wherever the hell that is. Those nudists are planning a Pool Party, Cannonball Challenge, and Skinny Dip picture Saturday on National Nude Day Eve.

image004image012Meanwhile at next Thursday night’s monthly meeting, Anderson Trustee Andy Pappas will be reporting on his Family Friendly Nudist Camp and Marina opening on the Ohio River near the Belterra Racino in the very near future.image022image030