Special “Custer Court Martial” E-dition

Trump’s 887th Day In Office

More Indian Uprisings

 image010image004Hurley the Historian says on this date in 1876, Major Marcus Reno took command of the surviving soldiers of the 7th Cavalry, the ones who were on sick call the day before when Old Yellow Hair made that slight miscalculation of enemy troop strength and forgot to take along his three Gatling guns.

image010And our Quote for today Committee came up with this line from Custer, right before the Battle of the Little Bighorn: “Hurray, boys! We’ve got them. We’ll finish them up and then go home to our station.”

image010All of which reminds us of Obama, when he said “Al Qaeda is defeated,” “The War on Terror is over,” and “ISIS poses no immediate problem.” Obama claims when he made his stupid comment about extremists being a JV team (“If a JV Team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant”) he “wasn’t specifically referring to” Islamic State.         

image010image006The Blower remembers that time Obama got a bit confused while sitting down for dinner but the Prime Minister of India when he apologized on behalf of the American people for the actions General Custer. Unfortunately when the state department told our president he was going to be sitting down with an Indian leader, he thought it was the great-grandson of Geronimo and wondered why the country of India looked so much different than what he envisioned what South Dakota look like.


Whistleblower War Hero Ollie Hackworth says the military should still court martial Obama, along with all those Wussie Republicans in the House who never found the courage to impeach the Commander-in-Chief at any time during the Eight Years of Incompetence and Chaos for America during the Obama’s Two Administrations.

image010image008American Indian Bureau Chief Oglala Tadwell said the Sioux Nation Supreme Court decided Native American Same Sex Marriages will still be determined by local Tribal Councils, no matter how SOTUS rules in Washington.

image010Moises, Julio, Alfredo, and Jose said, “Did Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse know how to protest against illegal immigration or what!”

image010The Blower remembers when Milwaukee police were investigating a report of shots fired across the street from the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education. Coincidentally, that school was formerly known as Custer High School.

image010The Blower also remembers when the Supreme Court boosted the Washington Redskins’ traditional name by striking down a law banning “disparaging” trademarks even if some Native American groups hoped public outcry would turn toward a different team’s symbol. Washington D.C’s NFL franchise scored a big victory when the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the government is not allowed to deny a trademark to companies or other applicants solely on the basis of the name being offensive.


image010image010Meanwhile, NBC News reported amid the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins’ team name, some Native American groups hoped public outcry would turn toward a different team’s symbol, more than 300 miles to the northwest: Chief Wahoo, the bright red, wide-grinning face of the Cleveland Indians baseball team.


The Blower was not surprised when the Cleveland Indians caved in to political correctness and stopped using the Chief Wahoo logo on their uniforms beginning in 2019, after Major League Baseball said the popular bright red, wide-grinning face was no longer appropriate for use on the field. Chief Wahoo, a cartoonish caricature of a Native American that has assumed several forms over the years, first appeared on the Indians’ uniforms in 1948. In recent decades various groups across North America have appealed to the team to renounce the logo, to no avail. But commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, pressured Paul Dolan, Cleveland’s chairman and chief executive, to make a change. However, hypocrisy reigns supreme in Cleveland, since the Indians continues to sell Wahoo merchandise.


image010And hereabouts, all those White, God-Fearing Citizens in Anderson are wondering when Liberal Activists will return like a plague of 17-year locusts to demand the Anderson Redskins’ mascot be changed, too.

image010Of course, every Anderson Alum was pleased as punch when their beloved “Anderson Redskins” won the Ohio Division II state football championship back in 2007, and The Blower remembers when the Forrest Gump School Board and the Anderson Park Board wanted to put a tax levy on the ballot to pay for a new $158 million domed stadium at Beech Acres. 

image010And The Blower also still remembers all that controversy at Anderson High School in 2014 when a Turpin student we’ll call Mohammed was arrested for painting a large penis on the Anderson football field before the big Anderson-Turpin football game.