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Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition

FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2019
Trump’s 882nd Day In Office

In Wednesday’s “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” The Blower predicted the Forest Hills School Board would tell everyone how badly they “need” more money.  They would pretend they are “good stewards of over-taxpayers’ dollars, but the board would never admit the real reason there’s a budget deficit.  And we don’t suppose they willingly told anyone how much they’ve had and will have to spend on litigation and lawsuits.

No wonder Thursday’s “Special Board Meeting” was quietly held during summer vacation time.  

Our Angry Andersonian Clough Corbly says “The wicked plots against the righteous. And gnashes at him with his teeth.“

There will be a day of reckoning.  It isn’t Biblical. It will be in the hands of the voters.  

Until then, Dumbed-Down Voters will toil to pay the taxes.  And toil some more.  And more...

On a less philosophical note, at least the botched levy will be paid off in about 25 years.  

We should all live so long.