Special “Missing Person Alert” E-dition

Trump’s 806th Day In Office
Header-April 10 (Missing Person Alert)

We Might Be A Little Late With Some Of Our E-ditions Today

This morning at the Whistleblower Newswire, everybody was wondering when Congress would be getting around some Real Tax Reform, so Charles Foster Kane went to have his taxes done, just so he could find out how much of his hard-earned money would be confiscated by the IRS on April 15 for our Crooks in Congress just to piss away like they did in that $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill they never should’ve passed and The Trumpster should’ve vetoed.

Unfortunately, our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher hasn’t been heard from since, although somebody did say they saw him inhaling a Bloomin’ Onion (a mere 1,959 calories) at a bribe lunch with a sexual harassing elected official running for re-election (in only 213 more days) at the Outback restaurant on Five Mile Road in Anderson. The Blower is still waiting on confirmation on that report, especially since everybody knows how low a profile the Voice of the Conservative Agenda usually keeps whenever he ventures out in public.

We hope when he finally returns, he’ll be calmed down enough after hearing about his taxes and that elected official’s plans for public spending so we can at least publish our Official “Over-Taxed Payers’ Angst” E-dition tentatively scheduled for this weekend.

The Whistleblower Staff