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FRIDAY, MARCH 08, 2019
Trump’s 777th Day In Office

Tonight’s Top Ten List

Tonight It’s The Top Ten Egregious Excuses Used By Disingenuous D-RATS To Excuse Freshman Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhad Omar’s Antisemitic Remarks:

10. Ocasio-Cortez Defended Ilhan Omar as anti-Semitism Storm Roiled the D-RAT Party: Several Jewish lawmakers and groups denounced the freshman Minnesota Congresswoman, but Ocasio-Cortez noted that “no one seeks this level of reprimand when members make statements about other communities.”

9. Massachusetts Senator and 2020 D-RAT presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren defended Ilhad Omar Wednesday after the freshman congresswoman’s latest antisemitic outburst: “Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse.”

8. D-RAT Vermont Senator and 2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders said: “What I fear is going on in the House now is an effort to target Congresswoman Omar as a way of stifling that debate.”

7. South Carolina D-RAT House Majority Whip James Clyburn rushed to the rescue of freshman Ilhan Omar, but his excuse for Omar’s antisemitism caused many conservatives to say, “WTF!” Jim Clyburn’s Defense: Ilhan Omar’s experience is “more personal” than Jews who had parents in the Holocaust.

6. NY D-RAT Senator and 2020 Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand said: “We must also call out the hypocrisy of the Republican Party in this instance.”

5. D-RAT Minnesota Senator Tina Smith Defended Omar, Calling Her A “Fair Minded Person”

4. D-RAT California Senator and 2020 Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Defended Omar After Latest Anti-Semitic Outburst, Saying “She’s The Real Victim…”

3. D-RAT House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Defended Omar: ‘She Has A Different Experience In The Use Of Words.”

2. Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Praised Omar, saying: “She’s Now The Most Important Member Of Congress!”

And the Number One Egregious Excuse Used By Disingenuous D-RATS To Excuse Freshman Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhad Omar’s Antisemitic Remarks came from FAKE NEWS CNN’s Kirsten Powers: “Her words would not have sounded anti-Semitic if she had not used them.” Well, Duh!

And How Did Such An Antisemitic Muslim Like Ilhad Omar Get Elected To Congress?

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That’s because Mid-Term Elections were a National Election, a referendum on everything Trump has accomplished, and Congress, the Deep State, the Radical Media Establishment will continue to lie and say really stupid things without a smidgen of journalistic integrity in their effort to advance their Radical Leftist Agenda.

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda Is Now Working On Donald Trump’s Fourth 100 Days To Make America Great Again. Today Was Day Number 777 And There Are Now Only 605 More Days Until Trump’s Re-Election Day on November 3, 2020.