Special “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition

FRIDAY, MARCH 08, 2019
Trump’s 777th Day In Office
Tempest in a TEA Cup
This week, everybody who wonders why Republicans should be kowtowing to TEA Party Activists these days, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

The winner is Gary Griper, who remembers a year ago when 400 TEA Party Leaders and Activists from 25 States sent a letter to the White House urging President Trump to have the Department of Justice appoint a Second Special Counsel to investigate the DOJ/FBI/Obama Administration/Clinton Campaign and Foundation.

That letter explained that the issue of “equal justice under the law” is a fundamental concern to all Americans and particularly those who supported Trump in the 2016 Election. The letter was intended to show grassroots support for the letters written by various members of Congress to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions urging him to Appoint a Second Special Counsel. The letter was also intended to show President Trump that his base would support whatever action is necessary to investigate, prosecute, and bring to justice any and all individuals in the DOJ, FBI, State Department, Obama Administration, Clinton Campaign and Clinton Foundation who are found to have broken the law.

Gary wins a “Ditch the Kool Aid, Join the TEA-Party” T-Shirt, a Paul Revere “Socialists are Coming” Protest Sign, a “Death of the GOP” Poster, and a “Party Like It’s 1773” TEA Cup. His winning limerick is:

Here’s why Republicans like TEA
(True Republicans, not RINO debris):
It gets them back to their roots
And away from liberal “fruits”
Like the unending Congressional spending spree.

Perturbed In Park Hills Says
Here’s why Real Republicans like TEA,
While singing “from sea to shining sea.”
The D-RATS drank the Bolshevik Kool-Aid;
Their minds and crotches are neutered and spayed.

Soetero and Soros started civil war,
Fought, so far, in Congress and in courts of law.

But ANTIFA is a sign of things to come:
Lynch mobs devised and paid for by leftist scum.

In these dire straits we don’t need RINOs –
That’s like giving your car keys to winos.

So let’s remember 1776 –
If we don’t we’ll be in one hell of a fix.

Without Real Republicans, don’t you agree,
We’ll all be cow-farts to that fool AOC.

And from the Anderson Laureate (who now knows why his poetic license is being revoked and now has something to tell the padre at this week’s confession):

Here’s why Republicans like TEA
It’s an alternative to B.S. and pee.
Dems love to say “the American people”
But they treat us like ignorant sheeple
They might fool some of us, but they sure aren’t fooling me.

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“Celebrating Political Backstabbers Day”

Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially TEA Partiers.