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Trump’s 766th Day In Office

Racial Healing Update

         image004Has this been the greatest Black Lives Really, Really Matter History Month or what?! With Obama’s Legacy in Ruins, we’re really amazed they haven’t changed it from “Half-Black History Month” to Half-Assed Black History Month” in Obama’s Dishonor.

image006And no wonder Buckwheat Blackwell and Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane are so proud, after WLW Hate Radio’s Racist-in-Residence Bill Cunningham presented the pair with their coveted 2019 Ebony and Ivory Racial Healing Awards, sponsored by Sambo’s Restaurants, for reminding everybody that not only was Martin Luther King a Republican, but so was Abraham Lincoln, you know— the 16th President of these United States who actually freed the slaves.

As always, all Racial Healing Items in the Whistleblower (like the one above) have been approved in advance by long-time Belligerent Black Blogger Nate “Rhymes With Hate” Livingston and Whistleblower Legal Dream Team Chairman Scott Greenwood, because as Scott always says, “You never know when some crazy person is going to file a frivolous lawsuit against you.

image006Runners-up for this year’s Racial Healing Awards were once again COAST’s Media-Whore-in-Chief, Family-Friendly Fascist Chris Finney and his strange bedfellow SMLP Smithermouth. Artis Conception says many people believe his award-winning photo illustration of Disgraced Former Conservative Chris Finney in bed with former local NAALCP President/ Cincinnati City Clown-cilman SMLP Smithermouth should’ve been titled “Agony of Da Feet.”

image006Hurley the Historian says, “During the winter of 1854, the Republican Party was formed in Ripon, Wisconsin.” [to see how it began, click here]. But with all those RINOs in charge these days, it doesn’t matter what they tried to accomplish in Ripon, today the Grand Old Party is pretty much of a “rip-off.”

image006image009Remember during the 2008 campaign when McCain touted Sambo’s endorsement? That was really “historic.” The Blower said that only proved “Racial superiority was a mere pigment of his imagination.”

image006The Blower remembers when then-Vice President Joe Biden tried to explain why Iowa schools outperform DC area schools: “There’s less than 1% of the population of Iowa that is African-American. There is probably less than 4% or 5% that is, are minorities. What is it in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you’re dealing with.”

image006In Northern Kentucky, Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo says today at the Kenton County Injustice Center, Terry “The Smiling Jailer” Carl will let all his inmates sing the Kentucky State Song about the “Gay Darkies,” while he adds a little color to their drab existences by dressing them all in their “pretty in pink uniforms.”

image006Nine years ago, the mayor of a small Southern California city resigned after being criticized for sharing an e-mail picture depicting the White House lawn planted with watermelons under the title “No Easter egg hunt this year.”

image006image012The Blower remembers in London, when according to ANI News, acting legend Clint Eastwood apparently believed political correctness had rendered modern society humorless, since he accused younger generations of spending too much time trying to avoid being offensive. “I don’t want to be politically correct,” the former Mayor of Carmel, California said.

Our Dirty Harry movie star insisted that he should be able to tell harmless jokes about nationality without fearing that people may brand him “a racist.” “We’re all spending too much time and energy trying to be politically correct about everything,” Eastwood added. About that, The Blower obviously agrees.

image006image013Two magazines, Country Living (95.99% white readership) and Ebony/Jet (99.99% black readership) did surveys on “What People Fear Most.” The results were interesting, to say the least. Country Living magazine’s top three answers were: 1. Nuclear war /terrorist attack in U.S., 2. Child/spouse dying, and 3. Terminal illness. Ebony & Jet magazine’s top three answers were: 1. Ghosts, 2. Dogs, and 3. Registered mail. No Kidding! And these are the some of the same Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put The Positively Worst President in History In The White House—Twice, and Failed Trying To Give Obama a Third Term By Voting For Hillary, and get all of their “fake news” from our Obama Supporters in the Press, like the ones at The Fishwrap and on Channel 5, 9, 12, and 19.

image006And speaking of Political Correctness running amok, our Feckless Fishwrappers, The Blower remembers a letter to their editor from Finneytown complaining about how those Fishwrappers had forgotten to mention George Washington’s Birthday anywhere in the paper, but you could be downright certain our Diversity Devotees would be milking Black Lives Really, Really Matter History Month for all it’s worth, every chance they got. image008


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