Daily Archives: February 16, 2019

Special “D-Word Update” E-dition

Trump’s 757th Day In Office

Brought To You By The Letter “D” 

          Recently in our “Devolving Democracy” Edition, we said it was just like “Dumbing Down.” Often we’ve told you how The Liberal Agenda To Ruin America was to “Divide, Distract, and Deceive.”

Maybe that’s why whenever The Blower uses the word “DemocRAT,” it’s usually preceded by another “D-Word,” for alliteration (a literary effect achieved by consecutive words that begin with the same consonant, in case all you SCPS graduates were absent that day).  

This week at The Blower, everybody was wondering which “D-Word” should precede “D-RATS” especially after watching all those “Disgraceful D-rats” refusing to applaud the American flag and the National Anthem, Taking a Knee during Trump’s State of The Swamp Address.

Should it have been “Disrespectful D-RATS?”

“Discourteous D-RATS?”

How about “Deplorable D-RATS?”

That would’ve been “Damnable” and “Deserving.”

Here Are A Few More “D-Words” The Blower sometimes uses as the Official Voice of the Conservative Agenda
(Look them up in your Funken Wagnalls if you don’t know what they mean)

image005Dishonest, dildo, dalliance, dastardly, dazed, debacle, debased, debauchery, decadent, defective, defensive, deficient, defect, deflect, deflower, deformed, defraud, degenerate, degrade, deign, delete, deleterious, derelict, delinquent, demagogue, demean, demented, demerit, demolish, demonic, demoralize, demote, demount, denounce, depend, deplete, deplorable, depose, depraved, depressing, deprive, derail, deride, derogatory, descent, desecrate, desert, desecrate, desensitize, desire, desperate, despicable, deteriorate, detest, detract, devalue, devastate, deviate, devoid, devour, diabolic, diaphragm, diatribe, dictate, diddle, digress, dilatory, dim, diminish, dimwitted, dire, dirty, dis, disappointment, disapproval, disarray, disaster, disbar, disbelieve, disclaim, disclose, discombobulate, discomfort, discommend, discompose, disconnect, disconsolate, discord, discourage, discourteous, discrepancy, discreditable, disease, disenchant, disestablish, dysfunction, disgrace, disgruntle, disguise, disgust, dishonest, disillusion, disingenuous, disloyal, dismal, dismay, disorderly, disorganized, disparity, displace, dispute, disquiet, disrepair, disrespect, disrepute, disrobe, disrupt, dis-satisfactory, disseminate, dissent, disservice, dissident, distain, distasteful, distress, distort, disturbed, disunite, dither, divert, divisive, document, dodge, doleful, DNA, donation, double-dealing, double-crossing, double-faced, doubt, douche, downcast, downfall, downgrade, downhill, dredge, dreg, dress, dribble, drool, dumb-ass, duplicity, duress, and, of course, dickhead.


Obviously, this isn’t a complete list of “D-Words.” If you think of any we’ve missed, please let us know.

Meanwhile, as The Blower continues its War Against the “Fake News” Media with our aggressive operation to Dispute, Discredit, and Defeat press misinformation, we once again remind our Persons of Consequence about the five members of the “Destroy Trump Alliance” (The Destroy Trump Media, Disingenuous D-RATS, The Deep State, Never Trumpers, and Establishment RepubliCANTS.)