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Another “Celebrating Trump’s Winning 2016 Campaign” E-dition

Trump’s 725th Day In Office

It Was Obama’s Fifth-From-Final Day In Office

Our countdown clock was showing how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds we had remaining until Donald Trump could begin to undo all the damage Obama had done to America during the previous eight years and we were all praying for a Peaceful Inauguration. This Sunday in America…… at the Church of The Compassionate Conservative, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher, the Right-Wing Reverend Charles Foster Kane was asking Political Parishioners to Pray For A Peaceful Inauguration on America’s New National Holiday on January 20 in only five more days until Donald Trump can begin to undo all of Obama’s Damage To America During The Past Eight Years.

That’s probably why Kane was pleased to share this essay by OHIO TEA Party Guy Tom Zawistowski, President of We the People Convention:


As I awoke this past Saturday morning, my TV screen and radio dial were filled with news stories about “massive” protests that are being planned for next Friday’s Presidential Inauguration. We have seen this act before, fake protesters who are bought and paid for by George Soros and the hundreds of leftist groups who thought that they were on the verge of permanently crippling America, and then woke up on November 9th utterly defeated.

The goal of their publicity campaign, of course, is to try to intimidate Trump supporters so that they will not attend the inauguration, and to try to delegitimize the totally legitimate election of Donald Trump as President. They will fail on both counts.

Despite the public threats from the left, you know the ones who are so loving and inclusive and say that we are the haters, their protests will be overwhelmed by the Trump supporters in attendance. Hundreds of thousands if not over a million Trump supporters from all over America will be in DC. You can count on the so-called “media” to under-report the number of supporters and exaggerate the size of the protests but we will know the truth. We all now know the truth, that the “fake news” has been lying to us our entire lives. No more, they have forfeited the public’s trust and they will never earn it back.

My wife and I will be driving to DC to attend the inauguration. Unlike the vast majority of TEA Party members and Trump supporters in Ohio, we were able to take Thursday and Friday off from our jobs. Unfortunately that is not the case for so many of our friends and fellow Trump supporters. The date for the Inauguration is set by law and it just so happens to be on a Friday this year. For the hard-working blue collar voters who supported Trump, most just can’t afford to take two days off from work to attend. They don’t have enough vacation time as it is, and it would cost important dollars to give up those hours of income they need for their families.

Worse yet, so many of us have been reduced to working two or three part-time jobs because of the 32 hour weekly limit imposed by ObamaCare. You don’t get vacation with part-time jobs, and if you take too many days off someone takes your job! Nonetheless, many will do what it takes to attend the inauguration because it will be worth the cost to them. They want to be there to celebrate – protesters not withstanding!

For those who can take the time off from work, few Trump supporters can afford the $300, $500, or $1,000 per night hotel costs we are seeing advertised online. We have no quarrel with those prices, by the way, in the real America we understand the concept of supply and demand. However, we also understand that we have a choice with what we do with our money, unlike what Government does with the tax money they forcibly take from us in every facet of our lives.

Nan and I will be staying at a relative’s house an hour outside of DC. We will drive to the closest DC Metro station, 45 minutes away, and then take the train into DC for the Inauguration. If all goes well, the entire trip will cost just a few hundred dollars including gas, food and train tickets. Even still, we know some of our friends cannot afford that much after the eight years of the economic stagnation they have suffered through. Starting January 20th better days are coming, especially here in Ohio!

For Nan and I, we decided to go to the Inauguration as a matter of personal closure. Being non-political pretty much our entire lives, nearly eight years ago our lives were dramatically changed by the birth of the TEA Party Movement. Our lives were changed by a government that wanted to enslave us all with “single payer” government healthcare, by a government that did not believe in equal justice under the law, by a government of people who were simply wrong on everything from basic economics to common core to gay marriage to foreign policy where they “led from behind”. Our lives were changed by a government that did not represent the will of the people but instead wanted to impose its will upon the people.

On September 12, 2009, Nan and I took seven buses full of citizens from Portage County Ohio to Washington, DC to stand on the lawn of the US Capital, along with over 1.3 million other Americans from every state in the Union. That day we realized that we were the majority and we demanded that our government represent the view of all Americans and that it follow the laws of our land. The “fake news” media told you that there were only 100,000 there that day. The DC establishment refused to give us permits to use the mall, so we filled the streets. The political elites from both parties called us names like racists and Astroturf, then for eight years they tried to first ignore us, then defeat us politically, then attack us personally.

It has not been a fun or easy eight years for those of us in the TEA Party Movement. It has, however, been worthwhile because we, and so many more millions of Americans, stood up through the TEA Party, often at great personal peril, to defend our beliefs, to defend our rights, and to defend our Freedom and Liberty against a government that was supposed to do that for us. In the end, we defeated them all.

This January 20, 2017, Nan and I will stand on that very same ground, on the lawn of the US Capital, humbly representing the tens of thousands in Ohio who traveled this treacherous journey with us, but who can not be there with us on Inauguration day. We will stand there victorious, unbowed, and proud of what we collectively have accomplished. The fight for Liberty is not over, it is never over. Each generation must recommit to pay the price of freedom, no matter what that price.

However, this Inauguration day at 12:01 PM, together we will begin the process of restoring our Liberty and Freedom again. We will see the beginning of a government dedicated to making our lives better, not their lives better. We will see our Constitution restored and the rule of law applied to all citizens, including the rich and politically connected. We will see representatives who got the message that we the people have had enough of empty promises. We will see a government that knows “It is the economy, stupid!” and that will put forward pro-business policies and tax cuts that will create jobs and businesses and higher wages. With this kind of government, we the people will Make American Great Again!

Paid protests or not, fake news coverage or not, Inauguration Day will be a great day for America, but it will be a little extra special for Nan and I and our TEA Party brethren who deserve so much of the credit for making it possible. We fought for eight years to gain our rightful place on the lawn of the US Capital on this Inauguration Day, and I assure you that all the paid protesters the left can muster will not stop us from being there, nor stop Donald Trump from being sworn in as the President of the United States.