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Trump’s 720th Day In Office

It Was Obama’s Tenth-From-Final Day In Office
Two years ago on January 10, The Blower was counting down the ten more days until Trump’s Inauguration on January 20, while Obama was getting himself upstaged by The Trumpster once again: this time the President-Elect was Making Presidential Press Conferences Great Again by attacking Fake News.

Today Obama Tried To Try To Do As Much Damage As He Could To America, On His Ninth-From-Final-Day In Office:
(But Obama Got Himself Upstaged By Donald Trump Once Again, This Time When The President-Elect Made Presidential Press Conferences Great Again By Attacking Fake News)

Donald Trump To CNN Reporter: You Are Fake

CNN reporter: Spicer threatened to kick me out of Trump’s news conference

Incoming WH press sec’y: CNN reporter owes Trump apology

(This Video Is No Longer Available)

Gingrich: CNN reporter Jim Acosta should be suspended

(This Video Is No Longer Available)

Reince Priebus to Morning Joe: “Buzzfeed Report Is “Total Garbage”

President Obama referred to himself 75 times in his farewell address Tuesday night, according to a review of his prepared remarks by The Daily Caller. Obama said “I” 33 times during the speech, “my” 20 times, “me” 10 times, and “I’m” or “I’ve” 12 times.

Plus This Whistleblower Exclusive Photo
Trump’s Golden Shower

Fast Forward To Inauguration Day

And that’s the way it was today on the Tenth Day until January 20, 2017 when the Next President could only begin to Undo all the damage Obama had done.

The Whistleblower Newswire Is Your Official Publication of Record For The Conservative Agenda
Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane says the Conservative Agenda is now working with the various parts of the Trump transition team selecting fellow conservative patriots who are willing to go to Washington to help our new President return to over-taxed payers the power taken from them in recent years by the Leftists.