Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition

Trump’s 684th Day In Office

Angry Andersonian Corbly Clough says the Apocalypse is getting closer.  Relentless bunch they are.  Without a publicly approved operating levy date or amount, there already have been robocalls to massage voters.  They have decided there will be a levy on the ballot soon.

An Interesting document was approved at the last board meeting regarding the Turpin and Anderson projects that over-taxed payers should know about:

Approves an additional $354,000 for architect services.  These projects were promised to have been completed by now which leads to a question: How can there be bond money left?  Then to another:  Where is this money coming from?  There can’t be any if the district is claiming they are running out of money and needs a new operating levy.

More interestingly, the document contains eyebrow-raising language referring to the entire project which began in 2014:  “…Architect, for itself, agents, employees or representatives waives any claims for additional service for this period of time. The Board of Education for itself, agents, employees or representatives waives any claims for errors or omissions which may have been committed by Architect for this period of time….”

This looks like a cover-up.  Funny how this stuff can hide in plain sight on the district web site.  Did the board quietly let themselves and the architects off the hook for all the lies, misrepresentations, and flat-out screw-ups that cost overtaxed payers millions of additional dollars beyond what was approved in the bond levy? Did the architect feel aggrieved over work performed and not compensated for?  Did the architect make errors and omissions that damaged the school district?  Did the school district fail due diligence by overlooking the plans and reality of this project then try to blame the architect?  Was this an out of court settlement?

Are we misinterpreting this?  How about an explanation, Forest Hills?  Yeah, right.

Don’t expect anything truthful in the way of an explanation of this or operating levy information.  Lies no longer matter to this school district.  Accountability has been non-existent.  Forest Hills espouses a lot of values.  Honesty is not one they practice.

The operating levy is going to be big because the district’s massive boondoggle has to be paid for.  The school district already has misused operating and maintenance funds.  They are going to try to steal even more.

It looks like the only party that will not come out whole in this is the overtaxed payer.  You’d think that voters would at least demand the whole ugly truth be exposed before they give another penny of taxes to waste. 

A couple of board resignations would also be Conquest, War, Famine, and Death:  Meet Prebles, Heis, Smith, and Frooman (Our Forest Hills School District Marauders)

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