Special “Sunday Sermon” E-dition

Trump’s 681st Day In Office

This Sunday in America…

… at the Church of The Compassionate Conservative, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher, the Right-Wing Reverend Charles Foster Kane was asking his Political Parishioners to ask for God’s help to Pray For Piety In The Press, especially after yesterday morning when everybody hereabouts was waiting to see the Politicization Of Bush 41’s Funeral and we all saw more than enough egregious examples from our good friends at “Newsbusters” included in yesterday’s “Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo”:

It didn’t take long for the Destroy Trump Media to begin using Bush 41’s death to attack President Trump or even the late former President himself. During Saturday’s edition of Today, NBC’s Peter Alexander made sure to take shots at President Trump as he read aloud a tweet from the President expressing his condolences with “despite the deep resentments between these two families, including the former President, lifelong Republican George H.W. Bush’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign after repeated attacks on the former President’s son, Jeb Bush, today a very gracious statement from President Trump.” Talk about damning somebody with faint praise.

Just hours after George H.W. Bush passed away, MSNBC and CNN felt the need to immediately jump to Willie Horton and the legacy of Bush’s 1988 ad against Michael Dukakis. During live coverage Saturday morning, MSNBC analyst Eddie Glaude insisted, “We have to bring up with Willie Horton.” Glaude sneered, “Dukakis was leading and then that ad started running. And the way in which he appealed to racial animus.” He attacked the just-dead President: “So, there’s a way in which he would do anything to get elected.”

New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney’s front-page obituary for President George H.W. Bush was marred by the inclusion of a liberal media legend that won’t die: The fake news about Bush’s touring the floor of a grocery store trade show in February 1992 during his re-election campaign, and supposedly staring in baffled wonderment at a conventional supermarket price scanner. It was a phony anecdote forwarded by reporter Andrew Rosenthal (who wasn’t even there) to paint the first Bush as an out-of-touch patrician.

The Associated Press came out with a smugness and bias that showed how, even in death, the liberal media can’t help but take shots at conservatives and Republicans. Recently-retired correspondent Michael Graczyk also articulated this not only in the lead paragraph of their story but also in their second tweet about Bush’s death: “George H.W. Bush, a patrician New Englander whose presidency soared with the coalition victory over Iraq in Kuwait, but then plummeted in the throes of a weak economy that led voters to turn him out of office after a single term, has died. He was 94.”

And a Newsbusters flashback showed how in 1988, Americans across the country saw with their own eyes an early example of the ugly liberal media attack machine. Dan Rather, the anchor of the CBS Evening News at the time, laid a trap and attempted to ambush then-Vice President George H.W. Bush on live TV. Of course, Rather’s goal was to embarrass the leading Republican contender for the 1988 Republican presidential nomination. The segment was supposed to be a “candidate’s profile.” Instead, Rather screamed at the Vice President over the Iran-Contra scandal, making it the sole topic discussed. Visibly angry, he berated the Vice President: “You’ve made us hypocrites in the face of the world!”

Three decades later, so-called journalists are still doing their best to undermine Conservatives and Republicans, or hasn’t anybody noticed?