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Last-Minute “Before The End Of The Year” E-dition

Trump’s 1,075th Day In Office

Wouldn’t it be great if the final 52 e-mails in your in-box on December 31 were NOT from some political campaign groveling again for another triple-matched donation?

Tonight at midnight is a critical end-of-the-year FEC fundraising deadline and every campaign out there is telling you they could really use your help.

After all, today is the final day,
of the final month,
of the final quarter of the year

Every campaign is hoping you can help them grow their movement to save the country…
…From the Republicans, if you’re a Deranged D-RAT, with a chance to defeat Trump’s racist, homophobic, xenophobic agenda, or
…From the D-RATS, if you’re a Republican, with a chance to continue Trump’s Make America Great Campaign.

Because with only a few hours, minutes, and seconds until the end of the year, that campaign is still $ (insert number here) short of what they need to be to meet their budgetary needs for the year, and they simply can’t allow that to happen, because you are their last best hope. No Kidding!

QUICK, I Can Pitch In $10
QUICK, I Can Pitch In $25
QUICK, I Can Pitch In $50
QUICK, I Can Pitch In $100
QUICK, I Can Pitch In $1,000

And if enough of you are willing to step forward with a one-time contribution right now, that campaign can continue to get the job done.