Special “D-RAT Migration Invasion Update” E-dition

Trump’s 652nd Day In Office

It’s Non-Lethal, But Very Effective!

At this morning’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane if there would be any follow up on our Commander In Chief’s promise to send as many as 15,000 active-duty troops to the U.S.-Mexican border to stop that Malignant Mob of Future DemocRAT Voters marching thru Mexico to invade our Southern Border. Tanks and APCs are already on their way.
On Monday, Whistleblower War Hero Ollie Hackworth said the Trumpster should make sure “Mad Dog” Mattis included that ingenious Israeli crowd control method “The Skunk,” Kane explained. “It’s non-toxic, non-lethal, but very effective.”
Also, Kane added, “the American military’s heat ray (or microwave cannon) could be a fun crowd control weapon to watch on Fox News.” That “Active Denial System” is another non-lethal weapon primarily designed for crowd control. It can beam a high-frequency, man-sized electromagnetic wave 1,000 meters.

No wonder military weapons systems developers are looking forward to all those Illegal Invaders they can repel on our Southern Border.