Official “Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” E-dition

Trump’s 624th Day In Office

Did You Ever Wonder Where Kneepad Liberals At Your Local TV Stations (Like Channels 5, 9, 12, and 19) Get Their Liberal Media Conspiracy Updates? 

VIDEO Watch the Moment Chris Hayes Realizes Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

Media Bias Of The Week

The Week in Media Bias History: Rush Is ‘Edgy,’ Just Like Hitler

Trump Derangement Syndrome

VIDEO CNN Panel Explodes in Anger After Learning Kavanaugh Has the Votes

Real News From Real Reporters

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton Groped Flight Attendant, ABC Shrugged It Off


Liberal Celeb Tom Arnold Hints Kavanaugh Is a Pedophile

NYT: ‘Judge Kavanaugh Was a Jerk…Credibly Accused of Sexual Assault’

VIDEO Bozell & Graham Column: Downplaying Jimmy Kimmel’s Bullying

VIDEO Goodwin Frets Kavanaugh Popular in South, ‘Should Have Let Them Go’

Time Glorifies Blasey Ford as a ‘Historic Figure,’ So ‘Guileless’

VIDEO Univision, Telemundo Bash HHS Facility for Undocumented ‘Kids’

VIDEO Jim Sciutto: Kavanaugh Being Accused of Gang Rape is Just Politics

VIDEO Sharpton: Kavanaugh Supporters Like People at Lynchings after Church

VIDEO Wow: CNN’s Chalian Admits This Was ‘Perhaps’ Trump’s ‘Best Week’

VIDEO MSNBC Frets at ‘Right Wing’ Maine, Cheers ‘Profile in Courage’ Alaska

VIDEO Trump Supporter Steve Cortes Calls Out Race-Obsessed CNN Panel

WashPost Urged to End Dishonest Label of Rubin as ‘Conservative’

Whistleblower Bullshit Interview Of The Week

VIDEO Ari Melber: Kavanaugh ‘Didn’t Apologize’ for ‘Perjuring Himself’

Whistleblower Slide Show features Our “John McCain Is Still Dead” Gallery

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This Is your Official “Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo”
Any Other Official “Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” You Might See Published Would Surely Be A Fake

The Whistleblower Newswire Is Your Official Publication of Record For The Conservative Agenda

The Blower believes we’re still living during the most important period in American History for our non-stop campaign against Political Correctness, the Devolution of American Culture.

That’s because during the next 31 days until the most important Mid-Term Elections in History (since the 2018 Mid-terms are now a National Election –more than mere mid-terms– and a referendum on everything Trump has accomplished), while Congress the Deep State, and the Leftist Media Establishment will continue to lie and say really stupid things without a smidgen of journalistic integrity in their effort to advance their Radical Leftist Agenda.

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda Is Now Working On Donald Trump’s Sixth 100 Days To Make America Great Again. Today Is Day Number 624 And There Are Now Only 758 More Days Until Trump’s Re-Election Day on November 3, 2020.