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Today’s Good News And Bad News
From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image011An old audio tape from 2005 has surfaced of Trump talking to an Inside Hollywood Reporter about trying to seduce a married woman, although he was recently married himself, and bragging about how being a celebrity allowed him to get away with just about anything with regard to women. The tape is filled with vulgar locker-room type language that has never before been heard coming from a presidential candidate. It makes Nixon’s remarks on the Watergate tapes look mild by comparison. It’s sure to cause a big enough uproar to dominate political news for a while, probably even overshadowing tomorrow night’s debate. If you want to read the unedited version of the tape, go here: 

This could even have a lot of down-ballot implications and many Republican politicians have already started to distance themselves from Trump, including The Speaker, Paul Ryan, who disinvited The Donald from a Republican campaign event in his home state of image010Wisconsin. The opposition is already using this to their advantage, at least as much as F.C.C. broadcasting regulations will permit. The Donald really broke out of that politically correct mold this time. If they don’t find something equally damaging or worse on Hillary, and soon, this could finish him. Trump has already broken his promise, made only two days ago, not to bring up Bill Clinton’s affairs and has launched into a full attack on The Big Dog’s well-known past. We doubt that this attempt at deflection will work, simply because Bill Clinton is not the candidate. However, it is sure to make tomorrow night’s debate more interesting. By the way, the unofficial name for Trump’s latest scandal is “Pussygate.”

image012Just in time, Wikileaks comes through for Trump, releasing what they claim are transcripts of portions of Hillary’s secret Wall Street Speeches, supposedly hacked from Hillary’s campaign chairman’s emails. The big problem with them is that there is apparently no way to verify their authenticity or accuracy. All they really have are some words written somewhere by someone – very possibly the Russians. The most damaging things in the transcripts are where she purportedly says that her dream is to have free trade in the hemisphere and open borders. The Hillary campaign has obviously refused to vouch for the transcripts so, unless they can find a way to independently verify them, she can deny that she said any of the things in them. Like Yogi, and like The Donald, she didn’t say half of the things she said.

Although it has been widely reported for months that American intelligence believed that the Russians were behind all the hacking into the DNC emails and into voter databases of around 20 states, the U.S. government has been reluctant to formally accuse them because they didn’t want to start a cyber war. That ended yesterday when the government officially accused them of interfering with U.S. elections. The public finger-pointing was welcomed by senior Democratic and Republican lawmakers, who also said they now expect the administration to move to punish the Kremlin as part of an effort to deter further acts by its hackers. “Today was just the first step,” said Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), a member of the Homeland Security Committee. “Russia must face serious consequences. Moscow orchestrated these hacks because Putin believes Soviet-style aggression is worth it. The United States image009must upend Putin’s calculus with a strong diplomatic, political, ¬cyber and economic response.” 

Yesterday, without any evidence, The Donald claimed that the U.S. Government and the Border Patrol are letting in undocumented immigrants so they can vote in November. He did not offer any details on how they would get them registered and prepared to vote. One other problem with this theory is that none of the border states are in doubt. California and New Mexico are solidly Democratic, and Texas and Arizona are normally solidly Republican. So maybe the theory is that they would all head for Florida or Ohio. It is believed that Trump’s statement has two purposes. First, further arouse the anger of angry white men and second, to prepare an excuse for a possible loss. He can claim he was cheated out of a victory by hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of illegal immigrants.

Washington, Oregon and California are solid for Democrats and Hillary. They don’t call it the Left Coast for no reason.image005

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