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Special “Andersonian Apocalypse Update” E-dition

Trump’s 576th Day In Office

The Forest Hills Building Project Is Still Eating Money.  It’s Still A Mess.
Angry Andersonian Corbly Clough says the Anderson campus continues on as a construction sight (sic), a school only in name.  The front entrance and building remains littered and unfinished.  Portable toilets are arrayed in the rear parking lot.  Construction trailers, storage units, equipment and supplies still sit on rear lots and practice fields.  Buses are stored in the old administration parking lot which had been serving student parking.  Who knows what the hell the school looks like on the inside?  And let’s not forget that the decrepit district swimming pools which were supposed to be updated have not been touched and won’t be for lack of funds.  Parents, before you let your kids swim in them demand that the school board and superintendent do it first.  Every time!  Bet they won’t.

By the way, the possibly toxic waste site that was revealed a year ago was re-buried.  But the long-ignored broken sewer line leading away from the school is being repaired.  That problem backed up toilet flushes into storm drains around the football field which students had use despite the stench.  It wasn’t going to be done, nor was the retention pond behind the football field which has been under construction most of the summer.  But occupancy permits required the pond, the pond construction removed enough overgrowth to uncover the hidden sewer line which forced its repair, and so on.  Let’s speculate that this raw sewage problem polluting land, air, and water has been known since the reign of Forest Heis the Great.

Most certainly, the group of Jim Frooman, Randy Smith, Forest Heis the Lesser, and their court jester Dallas Jackson had to know that there was a bunch of shit that would be uncovered when they insisted on this building levy.  They could have expected the costs and planned accordingly.  But they ignored all advice.  It was a pile of shit from the beginning.

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