Special “Sunday Sermon” E-dition


SUNDAY, JULY 1, 2018
Trump’s 527th Day In Office

This Sunday in America…at the Church of The Compassionate Conservative, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher, the Right-Wing Reverend Charles Foster Kane was asking God’s help restoring some semblance of Decorum during the Continuing Devolution of American Culture in America’s Post-Obama Period.


image006Unfortunately, ratings show how Personal Insults are what the American Audience obviously enjoys seeing in their news these days. Leftist Incivility dominates the Internet. Are journalists the enemy? We all just saw Lying Leftists In The News Media blaming President Trump for this week’s newsroom shooting in Maryland.

 But The Blower also remembers 2016 when we all learned of the passing of Nancy Reagan, who served as First Lady with compassion, class, and grace and we all awaited not only the sure-to-come media and political exploitation of the event, but also those totally uncalled-for “Mean Tweets” from Discourteous DemocRATS, which no such somber occasion ever seems to be without.


image007 image009 image011

It’s just the lack of class one can always find coming from unhinged pundits on Leftist Cable TV Programs and so-called late night comedy show monologues.

Or as one one-line commenter put it: To the scum who wrote the above tweets, You are vile and disgusting, low life dirt baggery, scum sucking leeches, white trash or black trash, not fit to walk the streets or halls of prisons. You worthless lives aren’t worth the air you breathe. To me you’re all two legged cockroaches, probably sucking off the teat of our traitorous government. You aren’t worth the dollar it would cost to end your worthless lives. You’re probably using Obama phones to tweet these low-life brain-sucking dumb-ass good-for-nothing, common core, junior high school educated drop out, moronic, juvenile, disgusting, tasteless, classless, hateful tweets. You probably didn’t even know who she is other than she was a conservative. GROW THE FUCK UP!, Sit Down and SHUT The Hell Up!image012

Such is meaning of Decorum during the Continuing Devolution of American Culture in America’s Post-Obama Period. image006 image007