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Trump’s 502nd Day In Office

Your Official Countdown Clock

          Whistleblower Naked News Correspondent Oliver Klozhoff says

says right now everybody in the Whistleblower Newsroom is focused on the counter on the wall clicking off the hours, minutes, and seconds until “Walk Naked in Anderson Day” on Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Daylight time.

This should not be confused with last year’s FAKE NEWS CNN’s Comey Countdown Clock that was currently clicking off the hours, minutes, and seconds to Testimony Time because as Newsbusters said, the world was waiting for the very moment former FBI Director James Comey began his testimony on June 8 before the Senate Intelligence Committee. It was supposed to be the most momentous world event in decades…or even centuries! And all thanked CNN for providing us with the Comey Countdown Clock, so we could be aware of exactly how long we had to wait until our lives would be changed forever.

The big three broadcast networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — announced they would be carrying the Comey hearing live, an unheard-of move for something so traditionally mundane as a congressional hearing.

Of course, Newsbusters added, a killjoy out there could’ve pointed out that Comey had already testified before the Senate a month before on May 3 last year, when he said there was no effort to get him to stop the investigation into supposed collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign. In fact, everybody said if he were to contradict his previous testimony he would be opening up himself to a perjury charge.

The Blower Provides “The Official Countdown Clock.” Any other Countdown Clock you may see on Fake News Outlets is Surely Fake.