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Trump’s 502nd Day In Office

This afternoon’s Forest Hills School Board meeting is now underway. Is it violating Ohio Sunshine Laws which only permit a discussion of “the purchase of property for public purposes or the sale of property at competitive bidding?” The law does not permit “discussion of collaborative use and or development of property and financial resources” as stated in the meeting notice.
If the Anderson Township Board of Trustees and Park Board are also in attendance, wouldn’t they also be in violation?

Why does a government do things in secret? Sometimes it’s because they have something to hide.
Our questions: What is Forest Hills School District hiding? Why are they hiding it?
School Board President Jim Frooman seems to hold more private “executive session” meetings than public meetings. The public meetings seem most often to consist mainly of self-congratulation. There has to be more going on than that. We know for certain they aren’t perfect.

Is Frooman violating Sunshine Laws by discussing topics other than those specifically allowed in those meetings where they are not even required to keep minutes? If they don’t keep minutes, how would anyone ever know what was discussed?

Seems like Sunshine Laws work in the public interest only when there are ethical representatives. When there are not, that venue is the perfect hiding place for shady or stupid decision-making.
We have also heard reports of failure to disclose information. Sometimes these “public information requests” go totally ignored. Sometimes they produce only limited information, minimally answering the request. Responses are often too late to be helpful, as if by intention.

Sometimes they promote a counterfeit controversy to divide the community (like changing an 80-year-old team mascot’s name that would cost a million dollars they don’t have) so people won’t ask questions about really important things.

Information that does reach the public often seems suspicious when examined. Filtered? Manufactured? Deliberately Incorrect?
We have to suspect members of the Forest Hills School Board are hiding things that the general public would find despicable.

Who is going to pull the plug on this gang? Investigate it? Audit the books?How does a person unseat a corrupt or brain-dead government when corruption and stupidity are kept hidden from public view?

You Can Read More About Ohio’s Sunshine Laws Here.

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