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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018

Today is Police Officers Memorial Day, Everybody!

         image005 - Copy - CopyThe event is held each year in the United States on May 15 in honor of federal, state, and local officers killed or disabled in the line of duty. It is observed in conjunction with Police Week.

The idea of Peace Officers Memorial Day came into effect on October 1, 1961, when Congress asked the president to designate May 15 to honor law enforcement officers. President John F. Kennedy signed the bill into law on October 1, 1962. Each year, the president of the United States proclaims May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week of each year during which such May 15 occurs as Police Week.

According to the Legal Information Institute, the president is requested to issue a proclamation to: designate May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day; to direct government officials to display the United States flag at half staff on all government buildings; and to invite state and local governments and the people to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

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Young Conservatives say anti-police sentiment was at an all time high thanks to Obama and his merry band of race-hustling bottom feeders. All of the rhetoric and violence against law enforcement had been taking its toll on the men and women in uniform. Many officers around the country had actually taken a step back from engaging in proactive policing and have in general become extremely discouraged. Some cops in D.C. were so fed up with the president for helping spread this hostility toward police officers, they were actually threatened to turn their backs on him at the annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service.

Things were certainly different this morning at the 37th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the Capitol, especially after President Trump called for the death penalty for cop killers.



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