Special “Middle East Peace Update” E-dition

MONDAY, MAY 14, 2018

Orchestrated by Hamas For TV
This morning at the Conservative Agenda, everybody was watching the historic opening of the US Embassy in JerUSAlem, wondering how much time the Destroy Trump Media would be lavishing on those Poor Peacefully Protesting Palestinian Jihadists tonight who were killed and injured in today’s Iran-funded mass protest, orchestrated by Hamas so Israel could be accused of committing a “terrible massacre.

“Let’s look at results of our survey asking what Israelis should have done with all those Jihadistinians crashing the Gaza border,” Kane suggested.

Targeted rockets and bombing of homes and headquarters of Hamas leaders.
Cut off all electricity and water to Gaza.
Drop barrel bombs filled with pig farm excrement.
Deploy the Skunk Cannon on the rioters & their journalist concubines.
Shoot anyone crossing the fence.
Shoot anyone rolling burning tires towards the fence.
Shoot anyone using a sling with rocks or throwing Molotov cocktails.
Shoot anyone sending fire-bombing kites across the border
Close the Erez Crossing into Gaza for 1 day for every hour border rioting continues.
Expedite targeted assassination of Hamas leadership
All of the above.

Aren’t you glad you were part of the 75% who voted for “All of the Above?”