Special “Voting Analysis” E-dition



Trying to Explain the Unexplainable

Gov. John Kasich wins Ohio and talks to his supporters during an event at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio on March 15, 2016. (Kyle Robertson/ The Columbus Dispatch)

As the dust settles after last night’s 2018 Ohio Gubernatorial Primary Election, Political Insiders at the Conservative Agenda were still wondering how a dweeb like Delusional Ohio Governor John Kasich managed to get more votes than Donald Trump in the 2016 Ohio Primary Elections, when The Trumpster’s national polls were above 53% right before the election.

image005Did all those Angry People sleep in that Tuesday morning?

image005Wasn’t anybody listening to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity on Right–Wing Radio on that Tuesday afternoon?

image005Were they stuck in traffic for all those hours when that SUV went off the Combs-Hehl Bridge and people couldn’t get to their polling places, even though DemocRAT Judge Mrs. $tan Che$ley took it upon herself to issue an order to keep the polls open for an extra hour to help stop Donald Trump?

image005Or was that $47 million worth of Super PAC Advertising in Ohio by Left-wing Extremists and the Republican Establishment trashing The Donald finally taking effect?

image005Perhaps it was all those Disingenuous DemocRATS who’d been paid to cross over and vote for John Kasich in the Republican Primary “to stop Donald Trump,” just like they did in New Hampshire. Not to worry, they all got to vote for their FREE Stuff at the real election in November.image004

image005Or do a lot of Ohio Republicans just liked keeping Kasich campaigning full time outside Ohio for as long as they can.image003image009