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Another “Anderson Apocalypse Update” E-dition

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018
Here’s A Racially Insensitive Redskin Joke Overheard At A Recent Unauthorized “Save The Redskins Mascot” Meeting
A Native American brave was curious as to how he had received his name. So he went to speak to his father, the chieftain of the tribe.

“Father,” he asked, “how is it that I acquired my name.

The noble chieftain began a long narrative for his youngest son.

“Well, my son, I named you and both of your brothers for an event which occurred on the day each of you were born. For example, the day your eldest brother was born, I saw a deer running swiftly through the forest, so I named him Deer Running Swiftly.

“Likewise, when your middle brother was born, the rain was pouring hard outside of the wigwam, so I named him Rain Pouring Hard.

“Why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?”

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