Daily Archives: April 4, 2018

Special “Anderson Apocalypse Update” E-dition

It Was Just Another Made-For-TV Event
Monday night’s meeting brought the Anderson Apocalypse into full public view at the Forest Hills School Board meeting promoting another orchestrated controversy over the Anderson Redskins mascot to divert attention from serious financial matters caused by the School Board’s deception on their building levy debacle.

But imagine what all those TV people would’ve thought of the apocalyptic interior at Anderson High School when they walked in for the meeting. Except that the meeting was at Nagel Middle School. We should’ve have known Forest Hills Board Members (Frooman, Smith, and Heis) would’ve keep their construction travesty out of sight.

BTW, Nagel Middle School is also the district center for political correctness indoctrination. “In a diverse world, we can’t have people being mascots under any circumstance (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean),” blathered Louise Lawarre with Greater Anderson Promotes Peace in all her glory standing in front of the cameras and microphones. Looks like the Turpin Spartans should be under attack by that reasoning. There are cities named Sparta in many states, including Ohio. There are people in those cities. Can’t have them being mascots, can we?

Somebody besides The Blower should point out that Mx LaWar’s Leftist Organization promotes activities such as their recent workshop on “Understanding Whiteness.” Which is interesting, since GAPP’s meaningless monument, the “Peace Pole,” is in fact…wait for it, “white.” We would expect a multi color phallus from this neo-cultural movement.

Where the heck is Homeland Security? Aren’t we under attack by terrorists living among us? Four letter organization acronyms like GAPP should be a dead giveaway, right?

Could Mr. Frooman and his Turpin Apocalypse riders be in cahoots with Mx LaWar? That would be a great tactical approach. Nah. There’s evidence those folks ever think ahead about anything.

Could the penis painted onto Anderson’s football field have been the initial behind the lines attack by special forces in this war? Sure looks like collusion.

Stay tuned as The Blower continues to watch silly people do silly things.