Daily Archives: March 28, 2018

Special “Anderson Attractions” E-dition

One Is Serious, The Other—Not So Much!

The Serious Meeting On March 29
Fucking Hidiot School District (FHSD) isn’t going to park their buses in Clermont County after all (see meeting notice).  Watch them do something even more hidiotic like putting them on the Ohio River flood plain somewhere.

When is someone going to call Forest Hills leaders on the carpet about misappropriation of funds?  The levy that over-taxed payers were told was to be for ongoing maintenance has been used to fund their building levy overruns.  Now they can’t do needed maintenance or finish the building projects.  Will Anderson High School remain in construction hiatus until hell freezes over?  Will district facilities quickly become unusable for lack of maintenance after the infamous “Renovate to New” levy cry and $100 million plus plus of plundered tax dollars spent?  Will voters continue to give a get out of jail free card to Jim Frooman, Randy Smith, and Forest Heis for approving and promoting the levy then covering up their lies for the last three years?

If there ever was a story for “The Eye Team,” this is it.  Why should public school districts be immune to scrutiny by the press?  Anybody else blowing insane millions of tax dollars would be in the spotlight.  Might be under scrutiny by the state in the future.  FHSD (whatever it stands for) could be on the way to financial insolvency.  Frooman/Smith/Heis sure won’t admit to it.  If they knew it.  Which they might not.  No evidence there of competent boardsmanship.  They create problems.  They don’t foresee them.

Lucky AT over-taxed payers.  They got their own reality show of “Dumb and Dumber – School District Version” to watch.  It might be entertaining if it wasn’t so pathetically incompetent, dishonest, and humorless.  The only proper ending would be the public resignations of the three board members mentioned above.  Next show to follow: “Extreme Makeover – School District Version.”  Might not have any school buses to park in front for the reveal after they all float down the river in the next flood.  That would be a choice video.

The Not-So-Serious Meeting On The Day After April Fool’s DayAnderson High School “Branding?” Has P&G acquired Anderson High School?  We “brand” our schools now?  Most schools brand through success of their students.

Anderson High School has already been branded a dump thanks to intentional school board actions favoring Turpin over Anderson.  Visually evident and reinforced every day in full public view of anyone driving by.  And by activists selfishly going public with their flashy but insubstantial political correctness issues.

More bone-head school board thinking.  Let’s have a public meeting about the brand they’ve established.

How about a mascot for the school district leadership team:  The Dumbskins.