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Special “Agitating In Anderson” E-dition

Over Just Another Stupid PC Debate
At this afternoon’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane if there was anything really important going on in Anderson Township these days.

“Not much,” Kane admitted. “It’s not nearly as exciting as all that controversy at Anderson High School in 2014 when a Turpin student we’ll call Mohammed was arrested for painting a large penis on the Anderson football field before the big Anderson-Turpin football game.”

Still, all those White, God-Fearing Citizens in Anderson had been wondering when Liberal Activists would return like a plague of 17-year locusts one more time to demand the Anderson Redskins’ mascot be changed, but there’s not much chance of anything like that happening these days.

Our Feckless Fishwrappers did try to make the “Anderson Redskins” logo and name a BFD again, and at a recent school board meeting, four Loony Liberals (three of whom were from the same family) actually wasted everybody’s time whining about the Redskins Mascot. Somebody should’ve challenged the school district on something that really matters.

Is this bigger than lying to voters about how much they will benefit from a huge building levy?

Is this bigger than decision-making locked in the past, students having to attend class in deplorable half-finished buildings, and massive cost overruns?

Is this bigger than failure of the school district to organize buildings and infrastructure to significantly improve the delivery of education to students, cut operating costs, and keep tax bills reasonable?

The mascot BS isn’t even in the same ballpark. Neither was adult employees’ “sexting.” But both took people’s minds off what they didn’t want to face – that they have supported their elected leaders in leaving the district in a deep hole of mediocrity the over-taxpayers will be digging out of for a very long time.

Here’s our top ten list of what the School Board needs to take care of first:
10. Build a wall – to shut off the drive-by shooting range at the new Anderson High School entrance created by anti-Redskin Dallas Jackson and his architects.
9. Arm Anderson High School teachers and students to defend against marauding Redskins.
8. Arm the Forest Hills School board to defend against marauding Redskin mascot supporters – both sides.
7. Remove archery and bare-skin pony riding from physical education classes.
6. Add classes to the history curriculum to teach students that the Spanish conquistadors and subsequent armies systematically exterminated more Native Americans than all the predecessors of current United States citizens. And that the Spanish brought the horses the Redskins used to terrorize and murder American settlers. Build your wall, Trump.
5. Change the Redskins mascot name to its Spanish translation (“pieles rojas”) or “Anderson Snowflakes.”
4. Give final exam exemptions to students for scalps of Redskins mascot protesters.
3. Raise buffalo on school district athletic fields to generate cash to pay for the massive budget overrun on the building levy project.
2. Open Indian artifacts souvenir shop in Anderson High School. See #3 for use of funds.
And the #1 thing the Forest Hills School Board needs to take care of before wasting their time on debating a name change for the School Mascot would be Hair implants for Board member Jim Frooman.

More News for Our White Land-Stealing Treaty Breakers Later