Monthly Archives: March 2018

Special “Anderson Apocalypse” E-dition

Coming to Anderson’s Monday Night Branding And Mascot Committee Meeting

It is feared that Death rules the board sentiment. We already know Famine is imminent due to board financial mismanagement. The mascot removal has been estimated to cost well over six digits of unbudgeted outlays. Uniform and signage changes are expensive. Not the time to be doing this. But adding to eight-figure deficits is no obstacle to this board.

Since the Turpin board majority began their ride, War on Anderson has been relentless. Conquest is near. Unfortunately, they are destroying the entire school district in the process. Apocalypse.

The two new board members seem poised to support the efforts of the Turpin Horsemen. Expect the liberal teacher and the naive millennial to wield their political correctness swords. That’s what they do. Neither knows responsibility. On that ability they appear as woefully deficient as their fellow riders.

Conquest, War, Famine, and Death are not a stretch for the unfortunate Anderson High School. See ya, Redskins. Bury the mascot in that big hole of construction waste the board discovered then quietly covered back up and left untreated next to your football stadium.

It’s the end of the Anderson World as we knew it. Probably Forest Hills, too.

The Final Judgment awaits you, School Board. It is not likely to be heavenly.