Daily Archives: February 10, 2018

Special “Whistleblower Nickname Update” E-dition

The Whistleblower’s Garrulous Grammarian Says…
Wednesday, when Charles Foster Kane dubbed Doofus DemocRAT Congressman “Schiff-For-Brains” with his Official Whistleblower Nickname, our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher promised to make the ranking D— RAT on the House Intelligence Committee famous.

These days, a lot of people have used our Beloved Whistleblower Motto to ridicule “Schiff For Brains,” but so far we haven’t heard Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh use our egregious epithet on the air. Still, at least Google used The Blower’s Adam “Schiff For Brains” designation in one of our As-It-Happens Update on Thursday.

We haven’t been this excited since the New York Times gave The Blower credit for our “Mean Jean” Schmidt nickname in 2006, and “Mean Jean” was used at least 48,311 times in the national press as That Lying Plagiarizing Bitch became the most embarrassing elected official in Southwestern Ohio history (including Jerry Springer), flushing Rob “Fighting for Family Fortunes” Portman’s legacy totally down the crapper.

Speaking of our Beloved Whistleblower Motto, Let’s all say it together:

“Because wherever there’s corruption, we’ll be there.
Wherever there’s injustice, we’ll be there.
And wherever there’s a bunch of big guys beating up on a little guy, we’ll be there too…holding the little guy down.”