Daily Archives: January 22, 2018

Special “Eternal Fund-Raising” E-dition


Comparing and Contrasting
     At this afternoon’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane how important it might be to feature a daily comparison of Political Parties’ Current Fund-Raising Themes to give us another way to keep track of the Political Campaigns.

For example, last Friday our latest e-mail from POTUS said: “I’ve warned Chuck Schumer not to shut down the American government over ILLEGAL immigrants.” Now he needs to hear from the voters just like them to sign a written statement The Trumpster promised to put in every liberal obstructionist’s office — especially those facing tough re-elections in beautiful red states that he won BIG.

Then Republicans had a chance to give them some money.

Meanwhile, The DemocRAT Senatorial Campaign Committee’s e-mail wants Dumbed-Down D-RATS to sign something, too. It was a really lame “No GOP Shutdown” Petition. And The  D-RATS were wanted their money, too.

Today, the Trumpsters’ “DemocRATS Caved” e-mail was celebrating the so-called “re-opening of the government,” because D-RATS had stopped holding our military hostage to give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Trumpsters vowed never to forget the names of EVERY single liberal obstructionist responsible for this disgusting shut down, and promised to work to FIRE them come November. That would only cost you a dollar, which turned into $5 when you clicked on the CONTRIBUTE $1.

Meanwhile, the Red-to-Blue DemocRATS-on-Offense Campaign was really excited that Newsweek had announced Obama would be hitting the campaign trail again for DemocRATS in 2018, and Trump should be really worried. They claimed they missed having a president with Intelligence, integrity, and humility.” No kidding!

Not only that, DemocRATS could say “Thanks Obama” for coming back to the campaign trail to turn our momentum into a wave for a mere $7.00 to protect Obama’s legacy. 

The Blower says, “This is going to be a long 1,016 days.”