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Special “Monday Message” E-dition


What a Difference a Year Makes

Think of how much things have really changed since this time in December 2016: The Blower was gloating again, Disingenuous DemocRATS were looking for a new “Fake News” narrative, because it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially when Crooked Hillary lost the Electoral College Vote 17 years to the day after Slick Willie’s Impeachment for lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice.


Today’s Really Big Story
What Happened To All Those Elector Defectors?

First Hillary’s Post-Election Riots Failed

Then Death Threats Against Electoral College Members Failed

Then Jill Stein’s Bogus Recount Failed

Then The Liberal Propoganda Media Conspiracy’s Entire “Fake News” Narrative Failed

Then The Russia Hacked The Election Narrative “Fake News” Failed

And Today, The Three-Week Electoral College “Fake News” Narrative Failedimage004image003

Today’s Electoral College Bowl Scorecard

Trump 304, Clinton 227, Colin Powell 3, Bernie Sanders 1, Ron Paul 1, John Kasich 1, And “Faith Spotted Eagle” 1 (Shown Here)image005

BTW, Crooked Hillary Had More Than Twice As Many Elector Defectors As Trump Did

image003Ironic Update

Hillary Lost The Electoral College Vote 17 Years To Day After Guess What Happened image007

image003Today Was A Good Day For Gloatingimage008 image009 image010

image003And Perhaps a Little Sarcasmimage011

image003Because It Was Beginning To Look A Lot Like CHRISTmasimage012 image013

image003And Here Was The Mood For Our Disingenuous DemocRATS

Dem Rep. John Conyers Claimed The Electoral College Was Rooted In Slavery

image003The Washington Post Claimed The Electoral College Is Thwarting Our Ability To Battle Global Warmingimage016

image003Psychiatry Professors Asked Obama To Command Trump To Submit To Mental Examination. No Kidding!image017

image003Morning Joe said “Now Obama’s Failure Is Complete”image018

image003And Disingenuous DemocRATS Are Now Looking For a New “Fake News” Narrativeimage019

image003As NBC/WSJ’S “Fake News” Poll Declared Most People Are Uncertain, Even Pessimistic About Trump’s Presidencyimage021

image003More Marvelous Mockeryimage022

image003Meanwhile, During His Final Days, Obama Continues to Channel Louis XV (Après Moi Le Déluge)

image003Tonight’s Whistleblower Videos

The Electoral College votes to ratify Trump’s win

MSNBC Concentrates On Clip Of Wisconsin Moonbat Going Berserk, Rather Than Trump Winning Votes…

image003Fast Forward to 2017 


And that’s the way it was today on the 32nd Day until January 20, 2017 when the Next President can only begin to Undo all the damage Obama has done.image023


*1,051 Until “Dee-Day” If You Live In Anderson Township

More News Later (Or Most Likely Tomorrow Morning) From The Whistleblower Newsroom


 The Whistleblower Newswire Is Your Official Publication of Record For The Conservative Agenda

image042Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane says the Conservative Agenda is now working with the various parts of the Trump transition team selecting fellow conservative patriots who are willing to go to Washington to help our new President return to over-taxed payers the power taken from them in recent years by the Leftists.image003 image006