Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition


That’s Why We’re Still Staying Around

image005The Whistleblower Newswire came out of retirement twenty-four years ago on the day after Election Day in 1992 following our decision to suspend publication a year earlier.

Hurley the Historian says we had to return. November 5, 1991 Edition # 75 of the original Whistleblower print edition was supposed to be our final edition. But after witnessing an endless barrage of biased reporting and the unmitigated mess the news media made of Campaign ’92, the results of that year’s elections were not all that surprising.

Voters in ’92, 95% of whom learned all they knew by watching daily distortions on local and national TV newscasts, sent to the White House, a draft-dodging, tax-evading, dope-smoking, pants-dropping, wife-cheating liar whom The Blower predicted would surely drag this nation down to the level of Arkansas.

America got a leader it truly deserved— more arrogant than JFK, fewer scruples than LBJ, and rivaling the Carter-Mondale administration for sheer stupidity.

image006Fast forward to the Media’s Obama-nation since the Presidential Election of 2016: It has been the most dishonest, relentlessly one-sided campaign of bias and distortion by the mainstream media in American history. We thought we’d already witnessed the “Death of Objective Journalism in America,” but unfortunately, this year Obama’s and Hillary’s Supporters in the Press are still too lazy, too stupid, or too dishonest to bring you the truth. The Media lost all of its political power last year on Election Night, thanks to Donald Trump!

Not that all those Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put The Positively Worst President In History In The White House—Twice, And Had Planned To Give Obama A Third Term By Voting For “Crooked Hillary,” And Get All Of Their “Fake News” From Our Local Obama Supporters In The Press, Like The Ones At The Fishwrap, and on Channels 5, 9, 12, and 19, really give a big rat’s ass. This year, people seemed surprised when we asked them if they planned to vote on Tuesday. Their ignorance and apathy were overwhelming. We thought we were watching Mark Dice last year reporting on all those Hillary Supporters comparing Trump’s Victory to 9/11. No Kidding.

Back in ’92, The Blower only planned to stay around for a short time. But today, even after 8,771 straight days of penetrating reporting, scathing commentary, and shining the light of truth on liars and deceivers, our local Kneepad Liberals in the Press (especially the Idiotorial Board of Feckless Fishwrap and Gannett Farm Teamers at the Community Press) still don’t get it. Their coverage of Indecision 2017 became even more lazy, stupid, and dishonest. “Media Watchdogs, indeed!” They were full-fledged members of the now totally discredited Liberal Media Conspiracy.

Today the U.S. Debt Clock is more than $20 trillion, and one year after Trump’s Election, RINOs in Congress better start thinking about Draining The Swamp. Members of the Conservative Agenda will once begin analyzing results of Indecision 2017. Will The Blower be gloating about the number of our predictions that came true? You bet! As the official publication for all that scrambling, speculation, mud-slinging, and back-stabbing in the tri-state, our readers have every right to expect nothing less.

image009Voters hereabouts casting their ballots have obviously not yet learned what those Loony Libertarians always say, that “a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil,” and people who don’t stand for something will fall for anything, because no matter the outcome, you should never ever vote for a candidate you don’t really know or believe in, and you should never vote for a feel good tax increase until you’ve figured how much it will cost you, on top of what you’re already paying.

Is it any wonder that Whistleblower Pollster Ron Rasmussen reports that after all the partisan debating leading up to the 2017 elections, voters of all parties agree that the candidates won’t deliver on what they promise.

Last Night we discovered there is literally no Republican party in Virginia. Conservatives have acted on their own to try and turn the Capital of the Confederacy away from its one party past but there is no actual party mechanism. The biggest problem was that the George Bush candidate won the Republican primary by 1 point.  Then Conservatives had to do their traditional “push the moderate, stand for nothing noodle, up the hill”.  The pablum Bushie candidate could only engender a 30% turn out among Republicans.  The 40% turn out among Dems was the story. The Wimp/Portman/Bush candidate could not turn out/on Conservative voters in Virginia and there was not organization to pick up the slack.

Plus, nobody’s describing  how the Muslim/Third World avalanche into Virginia over the last decade, coupled with Terry McAuliffe’s granting voting rights to over 200,000 felons, did the trick.

At Cincinnati City Hall, playing the Racist Card against Diminutive DemocRAT Mayor John Cranley didn’t do the job like it did in Virginia.

In Anderson, we checked Andrew Pappas’ Facebook Page to see if there were any congratulations from those deranged supporters of Andy Pappas’ opponent who packed last month’s Trustees Meeting to piss and moan about some of the jokes Andy was making. And for those of you still waiting for Trustee Andrew Pappas’ opponent to call Pappas and congratulate him, go ahead and stop holding your breath. That Disingenuous DemocRAT still hasn’t conceded his defeat to “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup in 2014!

And at the Forrest Gump School District, folks can stop wondering why another Board Meeting was scheduled for 7:05 AM on Friday: This is how the Emperor with no clothes maintains his modesty – hiding behind closed doors.  The Blower says there is definitely something interesting going on, but we’re not sure what.  It could be anything from some parent suing over their kid’s IEP to the treasurer-who’s-resignation-has-yet-to-be-announced suing over his dismissal.  Maybe even some over-taxpayers finally got their hands on enough information to sue the district for malfeasance and misuse of public funds – but that would be too good to be true (and a slam dunk case).

Left-wing lunatics always predict The Whistleblower will cease to exist after Election Day, and once again this year, that prophecy did not come true. Our Quote for Today Committee says according to Mark Twain, “Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated,” and as Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane told Political Insiders at today’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda at Chick-Fil-A, now it looks as if we get to have to stick around for just a little while longer.

image011You have only yourselves to blame.

We’re going to do it until they get it right.

So perhaps it’s time once again for Our Beloved Whistleblower Motto (Let’s all say it together):
Because wherever there’s corruption, we’ll be there.
Wherever there’s injustice, we’ll be there.
And wherever there’s a bunch of big guys beating up on a little guy, we’ll be there too…holding the little guy down. And that goes double for RINOs.

image015Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially lazy, stupid, and dishonest members of the news media.


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